Our words create our reality…

Hello Beautiful,

Growing up, I heard my mom say, “Tracy your words create your reality”. That stuck with me, but somewhere along theCreate new beliefs, thoughts and habits that become permanent in your mind and fixtures in your life way, the words my mom spoke into her life and into my life were creating a reality I didn’t want. My mom was an incredible woman who instilled in me that I could do anything, if I thought I could. The circumstances at the time brought about a lot of fear around money. To say we struggled with money, was an understatement. In our household, it was either feast or famine and more times than not, it was famine.

I thank God every day for the strength, determination and passion for life my mom instilled in me. It took a lot of deep transformational mindset work to change my thoughts around money.

Have you ever felt like you can’t see past your current circumstances? It’s as if what you are experiencing at this moment in your life is dictating your future? Do you find yourself saying things like “if only it could happen for me”,  “I’m such a klutz”, “I hate my job” or “I’m so broke”?

Words are powerful and they carry a certain vibration. In the book, Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens, he asks the question “What would it mean to re-discover the secret of the language that heals our deepest hurts, breathes life into our greatest joys, and literally creates reality itself?”

You can change the words you speak no matter your current circumstances, the beliefs you’ve grown up with or the thoughts that are keeping you from living your desires. Become aware of the words that come out of your mouth. If you desire to experience more success in your life, start to speak words of affirmation into your life. Words that tell your subconscious mind what to think.

Infuse new thoughts in your mind and speak them out loud so that you are operating at a higher frequency and you experience more confidence and create more success in your life.

Try them out:
* I Am unique. My gifts and talents and services attract the right people at the right time.
* I Am enough and who I am in this moment is enough
* I Am the creator of my experience of life
* Money flows to me and through me 
* My confidence allows me to connect with people in a deep way
* I live and breathe unlimited abundance.
* I get paid for being me
* My inner wisdom guides me to make right decisions and to take the steps necessary to achieve my biggest goals
* My bank account is overflowing with money
* My work is of great value, and it brings me lots of money in return
* I am beautiful inside and out

As you start to create a new reality for your life based on the words you speak to yourself, watch your life unfold in beautiful new ways. 

Love…Joy…Abundance are all that await you!

Much Love,

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