Welcome To Mindset Alchemy™ Sacred Inner Sanctum!


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Mindset Alchemy™ Sacred Inner Sanctum is a monthly membership online gathering place for women to create abundance and tap into the healing divine power within them. This is a sacred space for healing your mind, shifting your energy and ultimately transforming your life.

This is a sacred space where we will connect and explore how you can shift the beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions that have hindered you from growing and transforming your life.

As your facilitator for transformation, I am here to guide, inspire and encourage you to go beyond what your mind is showing you through energy healing, meditation, chakra balancing, energy clearing techniques and intuitive mindset coaching.

In this sacred circle gathering, you will connect with other women that are ready to awaken to their unique gifts, talents and abilities to transform the lives of the people they are meant to connect with.

Awaken to your what your soul is calling you to experience in your life so that you confidently live your purpose with passion.

Here’s what you can expect to experience in Mindset Alchemy™ Sacred Inner Sanctum:

  • Release self-limiting beliefs
  • Discover your gifts, talents and expertise
  • Exude more confidence in your life
  • Master your mindset by becoming aware of what you are holding onto in your subconscious mind that is blocking you from experiencing abundance and success
  • Create a new story for your life that sets you up for living an abundant life
  • Take part in deep healing energy work in a sacred circle of sisterhood
  • Connect with other high vibration women who are ready to experience massive success in their life
  • Experience an extraordinary increase in your self-love, self-confidence and self-worth so you can be visible and feel empowered to share your gifts with the world

Here is what you will receive with your $17 monthly membership to Mindset Alchemy™ Sacred Inner Sanctum:

>>> Participate in live Sacred Inner Sanctum Calls monthly where we will connect during our healing time together so that you clear your limiting beliefs and receive on the spot intuitive coaching

>>> Receive energy healing during the monthly live calls that will transform your life from the inside out

>>> Take part in monthly meditations to clear your limiting beliefs, release any energy blocks from your chakras and connect with the divine feminine power within you

>>> Connect in a private Facebook Group to receive additional healing

>>> Learn new ways of mastering your mindset and transforming your life through ancient healing teachings

>>> Your membership to Mindset Alchemy™ Sacred Inner Sanctum will expire after one year.

12 Monthly Payments Of $17 – **Billed monthly  

** Your $17 per month membership is good for one year. This is a recurring monthly payment through Paypal.

If this resonates with you, please click on the link below so we can connect in a free  “Get To Know You Session” to see if this sacred circle of healing would be a good fit for you. This is an application-only membership!