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 Hello Beautiful,

When you think of “vibrating”, does energy come to mind? We are energy and everything we eat, think and do resonates at a certain frequency. 

​When I was unhealthy, lacked confidence and had unhealthy habits, I was operating at a low frequency. When we have positive thoughts, speak positive words to ourselves and others and create habits that will bring us closer to what we desire, we operate at a higher frequency and we raise our vibration.

Do you want to become a magnet for your desires NOW?Secret To Success

Vibration is the key.  Raise your vibration with foods, thoughts, and feelings.  I will guide you and you will raise the vibration of all you come in contact with: clients, your family, friends, and co-workers.

You will attract to you clients that resonate with you.  

A simple shift in your vibration (resonance) can have a dramatic impact on every aspect of your life.

Is your vibration stopping you from attracting joy and success in your life?

Are you committed to enhancing the quality of your life and those around you?

David Hawkins in his book “Power vs Force”  talks about each human emotion has a vibration, as does matter.  Your energy frequency can affect the energetic frequency of those around you and of your reality.

Your thoughts have direct influence on your body and that can show up as feeling more confident, thinking new positive thoughts, becoming more visible and attracting success into your life. 

Here’s one tip you can do to attract what you truly desire into your life and business:

  • Create new neuro-pathways in your brain to create your new future. The way that you do that is by speaking about things as if they have already happened. “I have always been gloriously successful.”  “I have always been radiantly healthy.” “I have always had $1 Million.”. What you are doing is re-training your subconscious mind to believe these things have already happened and this will create a new type of energy to show up in your life and bring success into your life in a brand new way. Stay curious and open and wait for the miracles to happen!

When you feel energetic and healthy, your vibration raises.  You easily attract money to meet your desires and needs.   You attract more clients. You have more joy, peace and laughter with your family and friends.  You enjoy life to the fullest worry-free. 

People will be attracted to you in a beautiful new way and you start to get in the flow and start to expect to attract success in your health, in your life and in your business. 

Things change and money flows when you implement the tools I will be sharing with you now and in the upcoming weeks and months.

Here’s to you claiming your desires and experiencing success!

Much love,



Tracy is a Transformational Intuitive Success Coach who infuses health, beauty and wealth consciousness into everything in her life.

As a Transformational Intuitive Success Coach, Tracy’s mission is to support and guide female entrepreneurs to create wealth by clearing their energy blocks around their health, their mindset and their habits so they align their energy, exude confidence, gain clarity and become visible so they create success in their life and business.​

After transforming her own life, Tracy’s unique experience and philosophy allows her to guide and support women who are ready to feel fabulous, look amazing and build a successful business so they can live a beautifully inspired life.

(c) 2015 Tracy Neely                                                                                        

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