Angela O’Leary, Business Coach & Energy Healer

Tracy is so much more than a coach. I knew her intuitive ability to identify the blocks would mean I could get results quicker. I also felt some of the blocks were deep emotional blocks and you need someone you can trust in order to be able to go that deep. I knew Tracy was the one to support me.

Life wasn’t working. I was doing all the things but getting limited results. I was trying to identify my niche and purpose, but that was proving futile so I was doing ‘what people said” and nothing was working.

Tracy helped me shift mindset, emotional blocks and heal, so my own intuitive purpose could come through. I needed to get out of the way and she lovingly supported that process.

So much has shifted. So much has changed. I have never felt this aligned, confident, relaxed and stress free when it comes to my business. It’s like all my pieces have come back together and no things feel effortless.
~ Angela O’Leary, Business Coach & Energy Healer

I was recovering from emergency surgery, moved into a new house, and was dealing with a challenging soulmate relationship “separation.” Working with Tracy was so comforting to my soul, as it offered me complete relaxation, peace, healing, and validation from my spiritual entourage that all is well as I continue to walk my journey towards enlightenment. Everything about our work together was magical, and very sacred to my spirit. I am forever grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime.
~ Aurora Dowdy

Rosana Espino Harris

Tracy was not only able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but was able to find additional pieces that I was not aware I had. When she put it all together, it just sounded so TRUE and so undeniable ME. Thank you Tracy for providing me with such clarity, allowing me to move forward with confidence in my life and business.
~ Rosanna Espino Harris, Life & Love Coach

Before working with Tracy I had so many dreams and aspirations but fear held me at a stand still. I was unable to move forward on any dream because I would talk myself out of following through or taking steps. Working with Tracy has been life changing. Her ability to tap into the energy within has transformed my life.

I’ve been able to find my true passion and start working towards a health and wellness coaching certification. I’ve also worked past my fear and joined an invention cohort to help me build an invention dream I’ve had for a long time. We also worked through tons of negative energy that has kept me stuck for years and years. I am a better person because she entered my life. I now have the tools to be who I was called to be and the skills needed if I run into fear or negative beliefs.
~ Shiva Walker, Wellness Coach

Before I started working with Tracy, I was unfocused and not clear about the direction I wanted to go in my life. I was feeling very anxious about moving to a new home and letting go of the past.

I heard a podcast Tracy was on and liked her energy. It was the way she spoke so positively and hopefully.

Working with Tracy has shown me how to truly believe in myself and in doing that, I uncovered who I truly am and embrace and love that person.

Letting go of my past home life and starting a new one was a big task to handle, but Tracy gave specific manageable tasks to help me achieve that. Tracy is extremely intuitive and in my most anxious moments would check in with me and guide me back to a place of calm and clarity.

I’ve packed up my house after 17 years of living there and found a new home and getting very excited about my new life. I’ve also re-done my CV and put myself out there on the job market and have started a new job which I love and is flexible and allows me to build my own business.
~ Tara Khan

I was drawn to work with Tracy Neely because I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about the type of programs I should put together to attract more clients. I knew Tracy assisted women in re-connecting with their brilliance and using their own strengths to attract clients who wanted to invest in their services. In working with Tracy, what I liked most was her simple, yet powerfully effective action plans she recommended, her intuitive ability when she made suggestions were spot on for me and the accountability piece was huge.

At the end of a session, Tracy would remind me to email her a copy of what I had created by a certain date so she could review it and make suggestions. Tracy would check in during each session to see if I had completed the action plan and if not we would process where I was getting stuck and if we needed to shift the course of action.

I was pleasantly surprised that Tracy examined how I was presenting myself on my website and social media. During one of our sessions, Tracy made some suggestions on things to do so my message and brand appeared consistent and clear on my website, social media and marketing material. If you are feeling stuck and if you are spinning your wheels on ways to expand your business and attract the ideal client, I highly recommend you invest in working with Tracy.
~ Cassandra Herbert – Holistic Nurse Consultant and Chakra Harmony Specialist

Angela O'Leary

As a business owner and caregiver for an elder parent, I felt like life was pulling me from both ends. I was letting everyone else and my own “shoulds” be in the driver’s seat of my business and my life. I was also having trouble trusting and tuning in to my intuition and inner guidance. I knew I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t know which direction to go. I had gifts that I wanted to bring to the foreground of my business but lacked the confidence or clarity about how to make that happen. I had invested in other coaching programs and worked with some amazing coaches, but I still felt stuck. I knew that my limiting beliefs were blocking my results but I could not seem to break through.

I feel so blessed to have found Tracy! As an intuitive mindset coach and healer, her laser insights and masterful coaching skills helped me to not only understand but clear the emotional and energetic blocks that were holding me back. I am now able to move forward with confidence and clarity. Finally! Tracy not only helped me to heal and let go of limiting beliefs about myself and my business, but also adopt a healthier mindset, regain my confidence, and open the flow of abundance in my life and in my practice. The feeling of stuckness is gone and I can see opportunities that I never dreamed were possible. Thank you, Tracy, for your masterful expertise and for sharing it with the world! I believe your program is an absolute MUST for anyone who desires an abundant life and business that they love.
~ Leigh Lytle, Body/Mind Alignment Expert

Patrice Jones

I will forever be grateful to Tracy Neely for the transformative work and loving Mindset Medicine she has infused into my heart, my situation and my life. Our journey started with a kinesiology session and from there I felt Tracy was the right person for me. I started to read about what she was doing and then immensely moved by her story.

Tracy has come through some challenging times and I felt I was finally at a point in my life where the pain was too much. Knowing the history of my story, I knew I required assistance to climb out of the darkness in my life. Once I decided I was worth saving, Tracy has guided me to unfold and reveal the amazing parts of myself with acceptance and joy. This journey was not easy but worth it. If you are looking for transformation,  if you are ready to live a fuller life and do the work on yourself with an amazing Mindset, Energy Healer and coach, than Tracy is for you too!
~ Patrice Jones, Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer

Working with Tracy will knock your socks off.

Where do you start to describe someone’s gifts and talents when they have so many?

Firstly, Tracy has a beautiful, loving energy and holds the space in the most delicate, nurturing way that a call or session with her (in person or online) makes you feel so at ease and comfortable, no matter what you talk about.

What sets Tracy apart for me is her psychic gift. I have been given the honor by Tracy to hear about what she has seen for me and EVERY time it has come true. The information may or may not make sense at first, but she delivers it in a way that helps you understand what she saw. She knows her visions are for YOU and so simply passes them on.

When she combines her gifts and talents above – that’s when I’ve had the most profound shifts of my life. (NOT said lightly!) Deep and long-lasting. A deep understanding of why I was seeking the shift and how I became ‘stuck’ beforehand also became clear. Incredible. THANK YOU, TRACY!

If you have the chance to work with Tracy on ANYTHING – do it!
~ Joanna Butler, Connection Coach and Mindset Editor

I LOVE working with Tracy. Tracy has a true passion of helping others transform their lives and it shows in the quality of her work. She is highly gifted as an energy healer and physic and I have never met anyone so quick and accurately pick up on what emotions, physical issues that I am experiencing and help me towards the light.

I feel extremely blessed to have Tracy guide me through my journey.
~ Dena Totaro, Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer and Wellness Coach

I knew I need to penetrate through some blockages that were keeping me from moving forward. I saw Tracy on social media in a video and a voice inside me said stop and listen. I reached out to her to learn about her services.

Through the deep soul work with Tracy, I learned that I am enough. That I have gifts to share. I can own who I am and still want to try new things and discover all about me. Tracy is an absolute Light!  I felt totally safe to share my feelings and thoughts or cry with Tracy. She held a safe space for me to share things that I could not share since my mother’s transition. I thank Tracy so much for that.
~ Errica Tarver Gray