The season of love and expansion is here!  This Libra season is asking us how can we love ourselves deeper in ways that we nurture and care for ALL aspects of our lives – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

As humans, our natural nature is to evolve and in our human existence, we can get stuck in beliefs, stories and habits that block us from evolving into our most aligned self.

I believe this is a time to get to know ourselves in a much deeper way so that we trust ourselves in the ways we desire to change and take inspired action on these changes. 

Whenever there is something we desire that is different than what we are experiencing now, resistance can keep us unconsciously blocking ourselves from the experiences that would make our lives feel more abundant, joyful, and elevated in a way that expands are capacity to receive.

Healing our wounds so that we experience a powerful transformation inside and out doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. As Rumi, the Sufi Mystic poet says, “the wound is where the light enters you.” Our light illuminates our greatest wisdom and our deepest truth.

Healing ourselves can feel like a cosmic experience  of illuminating our energetic presence, expressing our soul purpose and embodying our divine power. Take a moment to ask yourself, “what would make my life great?”

This is a question I ask myself every morning as I write in The Five Minute Journal. This question prompts me to feel, imagine and envision what would make life great and then I write down three things.

Ask yourself “what would make my life great.”  Then feel what emerges as the answers flow through your heart and soul.

Perhaps this question can prompt you to dive deeper so you can feel, imagine and envision what would make your life great.

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