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I recently had a conversation with someone who is a coach and we started talking about her being more visible in IMG_1746her business. She immediately became really quiet and I could sense that something wasn’t right. I asked her what came to mind when she thought about being visible in her business. She said that she was an introvert, so being visible in her business scared her. I could relate to this because a few years ago, I wasn’t very comfortable being visible, but I knew that not being visible would slow down my success because I wouldn’t connect with as many women to share my message of helping them uncover their inner-brilliance so they would attract clients and make money. 

Have you felt yourself wanting to grow your business, but the thought of being visible keeps you from going all in and allowing people to get to know you and how you can help them transform their lives? You can create the type of visibility that feels comfortable to you. I’ll say that with a caveat. When we live inside our comfort zone,  many times we don’t experience the level of success that we hope for. 

If you had the chance for more people to get to know you and the problem you solve and this would create major success in your life and business, would you step outside your comfort one?

One of the first things you can do is to create more engagement with your Facebook business page community. Once you invite people to “like” your page, you want to stay connected with them every week and one way to do that is to engage with them everyday.

Here is a simple way to grow your Facebook list and create a following. Each day of the week assign a topic so that your community starts to see you consistently sharing posts. This is the best way to connect with your community so that when you post, people on your list start to share your posts. Below are examples, but feel free to use other topics that resonate with your ideal client.

Monday: Motivation Mondays – Share a topic that will motivate your audience to move past where they are so they experience love, joy, success, etc. in their life.

Tuesday: Tuesday Tip – What tip can you share with your audience that will help in their life and/or business. If you are a business coach, what business tip can you share that will help your following create success in their business? If you are a health coach, is there a tip that can help your community nourish their body inside and out?

Wednesday: Quote Wednesday – Share your favorite quote and ask your community to share their favorite quote. Once someone shares one of their favorite quotes, comment on it to keep the engagement going. Create a quote using or Wordswag for iPhone is fantastic. Visuals are great way to draw attention to your posts.

Thursday: Thursday is “Ask a Question” day – Asking your community a question is a great way to get the conversation going and create engagement. 

Friday: Fabulous Friday – Ask your community to share something wonderful that happened for them that week.

Saturday: – Self-care Saturday – Ask your community to share how they experience self-care on Saturdays.

Sunday – Soulful Sunday – Sundays are a great day to reflect on how we can all grow, nurture and transform our lives and business. Share a tip, a quote, a story, a book, etc. Share something that will help your community physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I hope you enjoy staying connected with your community so you are consistently growing your list. 

Much love,


P.S. Being visible can mean different things to different people. When you reframe how you think about your visibility, you will energetically attract more clients.



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