Soul Alchemy Session

what is ready to be crystallized, metabolized, and alchemized in your life

Merging the cosmic connection between your heart, soul and purpose.

Building a bridge between your Soul, the Stars and your Purpose.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we decide that our purpose is what guides our soul. It’s what drives the decisions we make and the choices we take in our personal life, our relationships, and our career. 

Experience The Cosmic Journey Of Your Purpose

Through the lens of Human Design, Energy Alchemy and Breathwork, we align with how we align with our beauty of our purpose. And experience the clarity to experience what we came into this world to express and embody. Embodying our authentic expression and illuminating our inner-brilliance throughout every aspect of our body, mind and soul.

What are the benefits of a Soul Alchemy Session?

We have free will to experience whatever we desire in this lifetime. And living life from the inside out by trusting what our Soul is meant to experience is the journey. A remembrance of who we are uniquely designed to be. 

Simply put, letting go of the conditioning of who we are or who we are not based on what the world thinks is what I call a ‘healing alchemy of the soul’. 

And these are just a few of the amazing benefits of a Soul Alchemy Session. 


what is ready to be crystallized, metabolized and alchemized in your life … 

Soul Alchemy Session:

Building a bridge between your Soul, the Cosmic Realm and your Purpose.

I invite you to go on a journey of healing and transformation through the cosmic lens of 

Human Design, Energy Alchemy and Breathwork 

Investment: $397.00 – USD

Ninety (90) Minute Private 1:1 Session via Zoom

what you experience..

There are 3 aspects to a
Soul Alchemy Session

Human Design

the language of your soul

Human Design is a blueprint of your Soul and we bring our blueprint to life through the map of how we are naturally designed to express our wisdom, our gifts and our essence. It’s how we live in alignment with our Soul. Human Design is a synthesis of ancient systems integrating aspects of Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakra System, the Kabbalah and Quantum Mechanics. 


the alchemical process of healing

Breathwork is an immersive journey into the deepest realm of your heart. Your breath is the portal through which you experience an inner transformation – through alchemy. A journey to quiet your mind, drop into your body and heal your heart.  

Energy Alchemy

the frequency of transformation

What if there is an inner-alchemy (energetic resonance) transmuting your energy, shifting your vibrations, uncovering beliefs that do not align with your desires and bring it all to the surface so you feel more healed and transformed? Everything gets activated in our energy body long before we experience a shift or transformation.   



Transformational Experiences

welcome beautiful!

I'm Tracy Neely!

As the creator and founder of Mindset Alchemy®, a company that supports and guides womxn entrepreneurs through the process of healing their emotional, mental, and spiritual health, I am so excited you stumbled upon this magical space. 

As an Intuitive Healer, Seer, Energy Priestess and Certified Life Coach, my soul purpose came to me in a dream many years ago and today I am living that dream out loud by supporting and guiding womxn through the process of being more of who they are so they connect with their inner glow illuminating from their soul. A remembrance of self in all forms is a beautiful way to embrace all the parts of who we are.