Soul Luminance Immersion

There comes a time in each of our lives when we may question our existence. And the meaning of our life. 

What this may look like is asking yourself if how you are living and what you are experiencing in your life is serving a purpose for your existence in this world. Each of us came into this physical world with a purpose that is the imprint of our soul’s essence and our soul’s expression.

A truth that informs every aspect of how we emotional, mentally and spiritually navigate through  our personal life, our work life, and our relationships.

Within each of us is an energy that connects us to our physical, emotional, mental, and our spiritual self. That energy is the luminance of our soul. The light within us that is reflected through our truth. And healing the parts of ourselves that feel disconnected from heart is where we begin.  

Soul Luminance Immersion is an immersive healing journey through the cosmic realm of human design, energetic alignment and intuitive life coaching. This is your time to feel what your intuitive soul purpose is. It’s connecting you with your soul’s wisdom and trusting that the way you desire to express your life will be shown to you.

 There’s an unwinding that takes place through inner work so that we move into the remembrance of our soul essence and our truth.

When we feel a nudge that something in our life is ready to be released so that something can be revealed, you are illuminating your soul’s wisdom.  

It’s an immersive journey of unraveling of old beliefs, self-sabotaging habits, self deprecating stories, old conditioning and how we see ourselves so that we align with the most potent part of ourself – our brilliance.  

Our brilliance is the light that illuminates our soul consciousness. It’s how connect with our journey of sharing our gifts, abilities and truth. During our journey together, I will hold space for you to bring ALL of yourself into each session so that energy that is ready to be healed can reveal itself.

Soul Luminance Immersion is a journey of healing and transformation so that you begin to feel like yourself. Living your purpose that is in alignment with your soul. 

  • Four (4) 45 Minute Private Healing/Coaching Sessions Bi-Weekly on Zoom (MP3 recording of session)
  • A channeled message into your Human Design chart so that you see how you are naturally designed. 
  • Breathwork to open the spaces where our emotions have been blocked so that you can experience clarity in your life. 
  • Meditation so that you feel more centered and grounded on your path of life.
  • Intuitive insight to support your next steps.

Four Session Package Investment: Pay In Full – $1,547.00 USD *Payment plan upon request.

* Schedule an Intuitive Clarity Call to see if this type of energetic work is the right fit for you. 

Everything is energy including our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves and our life experiences.

Holistic Healing is a wellness approach to releasing dis-ease in your mind, body and spirit.

Healing goes beyond what our mind can comprehend. Our healing begins in the emotional body so that we experience more ease in our physical body, mental body and spiritual body.

Soul Luminance may be for you if you are ready to:

✣ Release any old conditioning that holds you back from experiencing your purpose in this lifetime.

✣ Heal beliefs and thoughts that subconsciously sabotage your life.

✣ Unwind patterns that create all the reasons why you can’t do something. 

✣ Infuse your ritual and practices into your life that uplift your spirits, raise your vibration and clear any dis-ease within you.

✣ Find your voice and speak your truth so that you feel confidence in sharing more of yourself.

✣ Connect with the deepest part of you where your soul is free to experience your soul essence. 

✣ Discover how your unique brilliance desires to show up.

Amazing womxn share their experience of our work together.

I felt ready for the next depth in many areas of my life, particularly in my creativity, but came up against a block every time I tried to access it on my own. I knew after just a few minutes of talking with her that she was the guide I had been seeking for the past six months. 

Four Session Package Investment: Pay In Full – $1,547.00 USD *Payment plan upon request.

* Schedule an Intuitive Clarity Call to see if this type of energetic work is the right fit for you. 

The safety that Tracy established allowed us to access buried memories and trauma that were inhibiting me from reaching the next depth in my life. I felt deeply seen, held, and validated by Tracy, all of which I had never felt to that degree outside of my partner.

It’s difficult to encapsulate everything I learned and experienced from working with Tracy—our time together is a gift that continues to reveal itself in so many ways. Perhaps most notably, I learned how to take up space in my own life (and let go of the baggage that was getting in the way) in a way that aligned with my values and hopes.   ~ Angelina Burkholder 


I was doing fine but felt like there was something missing, like I wasn’t connecting to a piece of my emotional truth. So I was going through the motions but not making deep connections as I wasn’t connecting to myself. 

Tracy was able to connect me to some deep hidden emotions that I was doing my best to avoid and ignore, not seeing that these deep wounds were the seat of my power. After working with Tracy, I began to get really clear about the connection between my wounds and my wisdom that I was meant to contribute.

I was also able to see these connection in my clients to help them recognize their source of wisdom, trust and intuition. The right people started coming into my life that would further deepen this connection and now the work that I’m creating and the content that I’m creating is so much richer emotionally and has the ability to engage from this authentically deep place. ~ Leslie Tagorda, Brand Astrologer


I knew I needed support to be able to make this shift from overworking and under earning to a more sustainable and joyful way of working, and I wanted to work with someone who could support me to do the inner work and also had business smarts and lots of experience from the entrepreneurial journey herself. 

Tracy held space for me to look at what needed to change and then gently held me accountable to create that change. I got clarity on the deeper WHY behind my business and how I can communicate it more clearly. Tracy helped me zoom in on a more focused offering that will save me time and make me more money – and most importantly, she showed me the way back to joy in my work!

Our work together in Soul Luminance Immersion will begin to uncover the heightened sense of emotions causing you to feel stuck or blocked in living your best life.  

 This is for you if…

✥︎︎You feel that support will have a profound effect on every aspect of your life.

✥︎︎You are open to learning  new ways of living a life that elevates how you think and feel about yourself.

✥︎︎You are open to new ways of healing your mind, body and spirit.

✥︎︎You believe that creating new rituals and routines in your life that can support your transformation.

I’m Tracy Neely, founder and creator of Mindset Alchemy®. I’m an Intuitive Healer, Seer, Soul Priestess and Certified Life Coach and Mentor for womxn who are ready to raise their vibration so they live a soul aligned life. 

How I show up, support and guide Soulful Aligned Conscious Womxn Entrepreneurs is by uncovering what is lurking below the surface that is getting in the way of them feeling more ease and less stress.

Everything is energy and my soul work is to reflect through your energy how to heal yourself, shift your energy, raise your vibration, and amplify the light inside you so that you radiate it out into the spaces and places that feel aligned to share your gifts, abilities, and soul purpose. 

My work is centered around you healing yourself so that you show up as the fullest expression of yourself.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Four Session Package Investment: Pay In Full – $1,547.00 USD *Payment plan upon request.

* Schedule an Intuitive Clarity Call to see if this type of energetic work is the right fit for you. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

Welcome Beautiful Souls!

As the creator and founder of Mindset Alchemy®, a company that supports and guides womxn entrepreneurs through the process of healing their emotional, mental, and spiritual health, I am so excited you stumbled upon this magical space. 

As an Intuitive Healer, Seer, Energy Priestess and Certified Life Coach, my soul purpose came to me in a dream many years ago and today I am living that dream out loud by supporting and guiding womxn through the process of being more of who they are so they connect with their inner glow illuminating from their soul. A remembrance of self in all forms is a beautiful way to embrace all the parts of who we are.