Wondering what makes you stand out in your business?

Deep in your spirit, you’re feeling like something has to change. You’re doing ALL the things in your business, but something feels off. The magic you felt in your business feels like it’s been dimmed.

What if standing out in your business is less about all the doing and more about ‘being’, being YOU? Expressing your true nature.


Does any of this sound

Looking for what makes you unique in spaces and places that don’t see you, can be exhausting.

No more questioning. Your uniqueness is YOU.

Showing up in your uniqueness is showing up in your light. Illuminating your radiance in your business is a beautiful gift.

Are you ready to feel deeply nourished and express more of your magnetism in your business?

let's go with yes!


EVOLVE is a 1:1 mastery mentorship to elevate and expand into the highest frequency of YOU as you evolve into the next level of your business by illuminating your mastery. To be of service through your unique mastery is a gift to the world.

Breathe Alchemy Breathwork Circle


Breathe Alchemy is a Breathwork group circle to drop into your body, quiet your mind, heal your heart and illuminate your light. An intimate journey breathing your way back to your center. So that you feel deeply nourished in all aspect of your being.

Soul Luminance Immersion

Soul Luminance Immersion is an immersive journey of healing and transformation to deepen your inner-wisdom, clear any resistance to how you are living your soul expression and illuminate your nature. Your authentic way of being.


There is a purpose you came into this world to express. Are you living it? Let's Connect!​


This is the beginning of a new journey for you.


What you decide to do next is where this journey takes you.


I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Kind Words from Clients.

Hello Beautiful!,

I'm Tracy Neely!

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I support beautiful souls like you to unapologetically illuminate your inner-brilliance by expressing your uniqueness in your business.

We all come into this world expressing our light in a way that impacts the world. My gift is to illuminate yours. That’s my sweet spot.

My sweet spot wasn’t always so sweet. It was more like sucking on a ton of sour balls to find the sweet one.

Have you ever had that feeling that you know deep in your soul that you are meant for so much more than what your life is showing you right now? That was my life for more years than I have fingers. You know that feeling of being of service to another human in a way that they feel seen, heard and shown love for whatever they are moving through. What if showing up as you is enough for who you desire to be of service to. That is your sweet spot. It’s the expression of you that is illuminated in every aspect of your life and your business. Your soul knows who you are, even when you forget. The journey is coming back to the remembrance of YOU. Your sweet spot. The sweetness is your uniqueness. Your unique expression that you unapologetically show up in with ease.

I invite you to uncover and re-imagine what it means to deeply nourish you and express your true nature.

A Peek Into My World

In my bathroom, I love to imagine I’m an Alchemist turning essential oils into potions, elixirs and serums.

I’d rather walk up 100 flights of stairs than get on a small elevator.

I’m obsessed with matcha and anything eucalyptus.

Okra, sweet potatoes, and collard greens are my go to when I want to remember my Nana.