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Hello Beautiful,Confidence - It's a place you want to go

Have you found yourself doing everything possible to make your business successful, but you still can’t figure out why no one is signing up for your programs?

What if I told you that the story you’ve created about how hard it is to have a successful business, has been blocking people energetically from wanting to sign up to work with you. You may be asking how is that possible because you have done everything the marketers said to do – sales funnel, free opt in, tele-seminars, webinars, Facebook ads, etc.

These are all wonderful ways to promote who you are and your programs and services that will help people transform their life and business, but there is one thing that has to happen before any of these marketing strategies can create success in your business. Feel more CONFIDENCE in who you are and the wonderful gifts, talents and abilities you’ve been blessed with. 

Confidence can only occur after you’ve gained the courage to try something new and most likely that “something” that is right outside your comfort zone, jump in with both feet and commit to whatever you desire to accomplish. Know your craft like the back of your hand so you confidently feel your knowledge and expertise will help you stand out and help people move into success. 

There are 4 areas for you to take hold of so you share your products, programs and services and confidently know that you are transforming lives.

1. Trust yourself to venture into new territory. That means start taking action outside your comfort zone because that is where success lives.
2. Master your skills so you become at the top of your game in your industry. Become known as an expert by discovering what are the top skills you have to have to crush it in your industry. 
3. Get social so you know where your Ideal Clients are hanging out and start talking about your area of expertise and listen to the pain points your ideal client is experiencing. As you share more of your expertise and you see how people are connecting with your message, you will start to feel more confident and release the fear, doubt and procrastination that have been holding you back from making money.
4. Be generous with others. When you realize that there is a deeper reason for you to feel confident, you see that it isn’t about you, it’s really about serving clients. The confidence you feel is the deep appreciation you feel for the gifts and talents you’ve been given that you share with people because you know that what you have to offer is changing lives and this will lead to you becoming really successful in your business.

Confidence is a belief and feeling that comes from behaviors in your life. It’s a place that you desire to go to because it leads you to a different outcome. Be clear on your intentions and what you desire and take action today. Act as if your business depends on it because it does.

Much love, light and insight,
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