Mindset Alchemy®

Intuitive Coaching Program

Divine sister, I see you and know the desires sitting inside of you! I see your divine gifts that are ready to be shared with the world!

Before you were born, the Divine knew what your purpose in this life would be. You have an undeniable gift that is meant to be shared with the world. Know that and embrace that!

Have you been trusting everyone’s voice, but your own?

Years ago, this was my story. I had such a passion to help women shift their mindset and heal so they would connect with their inner-knowing and discovered their unique gifts, but first I needed to connect with my own inner-knowing or as I like to call it, my “internal guiding system” that was buried deep inside me. I couldn’t figure out what was the missing key to having an amazing life filled with happiness, love and abundance.  I doubted every decision I made because I didn’t feel confident enough to listen to my own voice about who I was and what I wanted to share with the world, and that kept me hiding and not sharing my gifts.

One day I finally figured out what the missing piece was to creating joy and success in my life. It was my INNER WORLD! The sacred space where dreams, desires, beliefs, thoughts and emotions dwell. It’s the place where our mindset, energy, shadow, chakras, spirit and soul dwell. Journeying into the areas of my inner-world didn’t feel like such a mystery anymore. 

Once I started to tap into the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and patterns that I had ignored, denied and wished would go away, everything changed.

Today I work with women all over the world who are ready to connect deeply with their INNER WORLD so they connect with intuition, their divine feminine energy, and their soul purpose that is deep within them.

Your Journey Was My Journey

My name is Tracy Neely and your journey, was my journey. I was in a place in my life where my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits kept me blocked and not knowing how to change my life. I knew I wanted so much more for my life, but I didn’t know what to do and where to turn to.

Have you felt like that? Have you felt like your life is a mystery and if you just knew how to access your inner knowing, your life would look and feel so different? You know that you are here to do so much more in your life, but there’s a missing piece to the puzzle and you’ve ready the books, said the mantra’s and prayed about it, but things seem to stay the same. 

Women often ask me why I am so passionate about supporting women to heal their lives.  My reason is because for many years I doubted myself and couldn’t see my unique gifts and I hid in the shadows because I didn’t think what I had to offer was enough. When I finally became aware of the beliefs and patterns that were playing over and over in my head, I started to heal parts of me that had felt lost. I felt like I re-connected to my inner-world in a way that felt like home.

When that happened, I was able to heal lifetimes of pain and underneath that pain were the sacred gifts that I waited so long to share with the world. I feel like a kid in a candy store as I watch over and over again women transform their lives and ultimately their business from a place of love, strength, and inner-knowing. 

As an Intuitive Healer and Soul Priestess, one of my gifts is for you and me to go on a journey into the deepest places within your inner world so you can heal the feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and stories that have blocked you from experiencing joy, love, and abundance.

When you heal the things that have been unconsciously blocking you from living your best life, you come to your soul essence. That sweet spot in you where your magick lives. You begin to feel your vibration rise as you connect with your gifts and really live your life from sharing your soul purpose with the world.






I believe every woman carries deep inside her an inner-knowing for what she has been called into this lifetime to be and to do that connects and aligns with her purpose and soul purpose.

Are you ready to heal unconscious beliefs and awaken to the divine energy inside of you? If so, this is your time to connect with your soul purpose.

What’s Included:

Your Mindset Alchemy® Intuitive Coaching Program Is A Combination of Energetic Healing, Mindset Mentoring, and Intuitive Guidance

Mindset Alchemy® Intuitive Coaching Program Includes (I Offer 3, 6 or 12 Month Mentorship Programs):

3 Month Intuitive Coaching Program

  • One (1) Forty Five Minute Coaching Session Weekly or Bi-Weekly Via Zoom or Phone (12 sessions)
  • Accountability and Support through  a private Facebook Group
  • One Private Intuitive Vision Session (60 minutes)
  • Energy Healing
  • Soul Aligned Meditations

Investment:$4,127.00 US Dollars (Payment Plan Available)

6 Month Intuitive Mentorship Program

  • One (1) Forty Five Minute Coaching Session Weekly or Bi-Weekly Via Zoom or Phone (24 sessions)
  • Accountability and Support through  a private Facebook Group
  • One Private Intuitive Vision Session (60 minutes)
  • Energy Healing
  • Soul Aligned Meditations

Investment:$8,382.00 US Dollars (Payment Plan Available)

12 Month Intuitive Mentorship Program

  • One (1) Forty Five Minute Coaching Session Weekly or Bi-Weekly Via Zoom or Phone (48 sessions)
  • Accountability and Support through  a private Facebook Group
  • One Private Intuitive Vision Session (60 minutes)
  • Energy Healing
  • Soul Aligned Meditations

Investment:$16,764.00 US Dollars (Payment Plan Available)

Your Inner World

Deep below the surface in your INNER WORLD, your dreams, desires, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, your shadow and your life story have been creating your reality. This is also the sacred space where your chakras, your auras, your inner-knowing, your divine masculine and feminine powers dwell.

Everything is energy, including your thoughts, beliefs and patterns so the first step in you connecting with your INNER WORLD is energy healing. All healing starts in the emotional body and then moves upward and outward into the physical body where you experience your dreams and desires become your new reality.

Energy Healing is the foundation for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. It is the FRAMEWORK that opens you up to greater love, joy and abundance.

This is your time to see beyond what your mind has been showing you.

  • You and I will go on a journey of YOU connecting with your inner world so that intuitively you tap into your soul calling.
  • Create a new vision for your life by connecting on a deep level with your ‘why’ and develop the confidence to create a new path for your life.   
  • Get really clear on any limiting beliefs around feeling worthy and knowing you are enough and release lifetimes of stories that no longer serve your mind, your body or your spirit.  
  • Release your conscious and subconscious patterns permanently and create a new rituals so you connect with people on a deep level in an authentic way.

You will awaken to what you desire for your life. We will shine a light on what has been blocking you from living what you were called to be and do.

  • Experience life-altering shifts that arise when you uncover and release old subconscious stories, emotions, feelings, thoughts and habits.
  • Move past unconscious self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you wishing things were different.

Imagine feeling fulfilled in your business knowing you are living your purpose, serving your community and experiencing success doing transformative work.


I was drawn to work with Tracy Neely because I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about the type of programs I should put together to attract more clients. I knew Tracy assisted women in re-connecting with their brilliance and using their own strengths to attract clients who wanted to invest in their services. In working with Tracy, what I liked most were her simple, yet powerfully effective action plans she recommended, her intuitive ability when she made suggestions were spot on for me and the accountability piece was huge.

At the end of a session Tracy would remind me to email her a copy of what I had created by a certain date so she could review it and make suggestions. Tracy would check in during each session to see if I had completed the action plan and if not we would process where I was getting stuck and if we needed to shift the course of action.

I was pleasantly surprised that Tracy examined how I was presenting myself on my website and social media. During one of our sessions Tracy made some suggestions on things to do so my message and brand appeared consistent and clear on my website, social media and marketing material. If you are feeling stuck and if you are spinning your wheels on ways to expand your business and attract your idea client I highly recommend you invest in working with Tracy.
~ Cassandra Herbert – Holistic Nurse Consultant and Chakra Harmony Specialist

Tracy is awesome! An enormous heart, a super-genius level of intuition, and a great gift for creating change, all add up to her being a fantastic coach! She tuned into her magic, and immediately gave me a key insight.
~ Michelle Lowbridge, The Energy Editor™

Rosana Espino Harris

Tracy was not only able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but was able to find additional pieces that I was not aware I had. When she put it all together, it just sounded so TRUE and so undeniable ME. Thank you Tracy for providing me with such clarity, allowing me to move forward with confidence in my life and business.
~ Rosanna Espino Harris, Life & Love Coach

I was attracted to Tracy the moment I saw her speak truth into someone’s life. While giving hugs at the end of the event she began to tell the woman sitting next to me intimate things that no other person would know. She talked of energy and stones and we all sat in amazement. I had never met any one personally that had this gift so I was immediately intrigued. I soon found her on Facebook and began to listen in on her weekly calls. I was struggling with becoming clear about how I wanted to show up in life. I knew it was something but it was buried under tons of other issues. I also had been through years of trauma and I felt that Tracy could help me move past all the negative feelings that were associated with that time in my life.

When she spoke, I listened intently because she was not only speaking to me she was speaking to my soul. I felt change just by listening to her over the phone. I was seeking freedom from mental and emotional bondage and I thought, she was able to help me become free.

Today, I know exactly who I am and who I’m placed on this earth to work with now in my business. I did not have a clear picture before I worked with Tracy. Now, I am free to be the me that has been screaming to come out.

Tray’s ability to see through the wall that was built for protection was such a big moment for me. As well as the ability to clear negative energy. She also listened and allowed me to come up with answers to many of my questions. And she held me accountable for what I said I wanted.

I genuinely enjoyed working with Tracy. The experience has been life changing and I will forever hold every strategy I learned near and dear to my heart and profession.
~ Shiva Walker – Health Coach

Brenda J. King

The information Tracy provided resonated with a handful of things I was in the process of integrating. She also provided some new information that helped put some pieces together for me. Tracy made energy changes that I felt strongly the next morning. I definitely recommend working with Tracy.
~ Brenda J. King, Transformational Guide and Healer

Leigh Lytle

As a business owner and caregiver for an elder parent, I felt like life was pulling me from both ends. I was letting everyone else and my own “shoulds” be in the driver’s seat of my business and my life. I was also having trouble trusting and tuning in to my intuition and inner guidance. I knew I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t know which direction to go. I had gifts that I wanted to bring to the foreground of my business but lacked the confidence or clarity about how to make that happen. I had invested in other coaching programs and worked with some amazing coaches, but I still felt stuck. I knew that my limiting beliefs were blocking my results but I could not seem to break through.

I feel so blessed to have found Tracy! As an intuitive mindset coach and healer, her laser insights and masterful coaching skills helped me to not only understand, but clear the emotional and energetic blocks that were holding me back. I am now able to move forward with confidence and clarity. Finally! Tracy not only helped me to heal and let go of limiting beliefs about myself and my business, but also adopt a healthier mindset, regain my confidence, and open the flow of abundance in my life and in my practice. The feeling of stuckness is gone and I can see opportunities that I never dreamed were possible. Thank you Tracy for your masterful expertise and for sharing it with the world! I believe your program is an absolute MUST for anyone who desires an abundant life and business that they love.
~ Leigh Lytle, Body/Mind Alignment Expert

Before I started working with Tracy, I was unfocused and not clear about the direction I wanted to go in my life. I was feeling very anxious about moving to a new home and letting go of the past. 

I heard a podcast Tracy was on and liked her energy. It was the way she spoke so positively and hopefully. 

Working with Tracy has showed me how to truly believe in myself and in doing that, I uncovered who I truly am and embrace and love that person. 

Letting go of my past home life and starting a new one was a  big task to handle, but Tracy gave specific manageable tasks to help me achieve that. 

Tracy is extremely intuitive and in my most anxious moments would check in with me and guide me back to a place of calm and clarity.

I’ve packed up my house after 17 years of living there and found a new home and getting very excited about my new life. I’ve also re-done my CV and put myself out there on the job market and have started a new job which I love and is flexible and allows me to build my own business
~ Tara Khan

Working with Tracy will knock your socks off.

Where do you start to describe someone’s gifts and talents when they have so many?

Firstly, Tracy has a beautiful, loving energy and holds the space in the most delicate, nurturing way that a call or session with her (in person or online) makes you feel so at ease and comfortable, no matter what you talk about.

What sets Tracy apart for me is her psychic gift. I have been given the honor by Tracy to hear about what she has seen for me and EVERY time it has come true. The information may or may not make sense at first, but she delivers it in a way that helps you understand what she saw. She knows her visions are for YOU and so simply passes them on.

When she combines her gifts and talents above – that’s when I’ve had the most profound shifts of my life. (NOT said lightly!) Deep and long lasting. A deep understanding of why I was seeking the shift and how I became ‘stuck’ beforehand also became clear. Incredible. THANK YOU, TRACY!

If you have the chance to work with Tracy on ANYTHING – do it!
~ Joanna Butler, Connection Coach and Mindset Editor

I LOVE working with Tracy. Tracy has a true passion of helping others transform their lives and it shows in the quality of her work. She is highly gifted as an energy healer and physic and I have never met anyone so quick and accurately pick up on what emotions, physical issues that I am experiencing and help me towards the light. I had been working with Tracy before I joined her Mindset Alchemey group and was very impressed with the visions and clear messages I was receiving from each session.

Every time I am on our group call I gain incredible insight of what direction I need to go and Tracy does a great job with tapping into my energy, quickly assessing what my body/mind/spirit needs and help balance me in such a short time. Being in a group setting with like-minded woman has also helped me connect with what they are going through and many times get even more insight because I can often relate their experience back to my life. Also as an Energy Healer, I feel extremely grateful that I can help hold space for other woman and be a part of their healing/growing journey. The experience and work I’ve had with Tracy and Mindset Alchemy Inner Sanctum has helped remove stagnant energy, stay on course to follow my passion and I look forward to every call/discussion with my group. I feel extremely blessed to have Tracy guide me through my journey.
~ Dena Totaro, Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer and Wellness Coach


P.S. I remember wanting to change my life and support people doing what I love, but I was confused as to my next steps on my path. Having a mentor in my life and receiving support, changed everything and I’m so happy to be able to do the same for you. 

I’m Tracy Neely, founder and creator of Mindset Alchemy®. An intuitive mindset coaching and energy healing business supporting and guiding women entrepreneurs globally connect with their intuitive power and experience love, joy, abundance and success doing what they love.

I combine many forms of energy healing with my gift of knowing and my years of mindset coaching to support women entrepreneurs heal their self-limiting beliefs, connect with their gifts and intuitive power, and break through to their next level of success in their business doing what they love.