This has been my path since I was 13!

My Journey...

Since I was a little girl, there are two things that have intrigued me. The beauty of nature and conversations. At 13 years old, I remember the older womxn in my life telling me that I was an old soul. I knew things beyond my years.  I spent a lot of time by myself, amusing myself. Nature was my playground. In this photo, I lived with my Mom in Connecticut before moving south to Chattanooga. 

Fast forward to 1988. I moved to New York City to purse my dreams. It’s where I grew up and learned how to live outside my comfort zone. Everyday felt like I was living outside my comfort zone. Living in the big Apple taught me so much. Through the highs and lows, I learned and experienced so many lessons that have supported me to this day. 

I remember the vision that was always in me. The vision for people to feel good. For people to heal and transform. I came into this world with an inner-vision that I couldn’t quite put into words back then. 

About eleven years ago, I decided to turn my mission of womxn healing their mind, body, soul and spirit into a business. I was scared and wasn’t quite sure of what life would feel and look like, but I felt that my mission was bigger than my fears. 

Throughout all the lessons I’ve learned and what I grown through to get to this point in my life, there is one thing that hasn’t changed. It’s the feeling of womxn feeling and living their best life. And supporting womxn that are ready to move beyond the beliefs that have held them back from sharing the full expression of their magick, their light and their soul work is my mission. 

Life today is a full circle moment. The beauty of nature still intrigues me, but in a new way. 

My journey of illumination, healing and transformation have brought me to the place that I’m at now. The elements of my work are rooted in energy healing, intuitive strategy, deep inquiry through life coaching, embodiment of our light through ritual, transformation of our beliefs, and the magick of illuminating our soul work. 

My work is rooted in bringing ancient healing into the modern world so that you experience living the reality of your life that you always dreamed of. 

I look forward to connecting with you! xo


Certified Life Coach • Certified Natural Health Professional • Energy Editor Practitioner • Initiated Priestess • Usui Reiki 1,2, 3 and Master Teacher • Bachelor of Science in Marketing • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Formal Training

I am a lifelong learner and experiencing personal growth while continuing to learn and grow is very important to me. Here are some of the practices that I work with my clients through.

Energy Medicine • Sound Healing  • Breathwork • Meditation •  Crystal Healing • Muscle Testing • Deep Inquiry Into The Mind (Mindset Work)