Intentions equal success

Hello Beautiful,

When you hear the word “intention” what is the first thought that comes to mind?

Declare Your Intentions

Intention is the starting point for every dream or desire that comes into your mind. Setting an intention will cancel out the chatter of self-doubt, disbelief and doubt that constantly floods your mind. It is the brilliant power within you that brings into reality abundance, relationships, vibrant health, money and love. 

Even though I knew from a young age that words had power and to be careful the words that came out of my mouth, I didn’t know much about intentions and how they are one of the biggest reasons why you will receive everything you desire when you set your intentions.

We all have specific desires we want to experience, achieve and receive.  When you think about what you want to experience in the areas of business, health, relationships or spirituality, do you act “as if” what you desire you will receive?  To get exactly what you want declare your specific intentions.  The process of setting intentions is so simple, but many times we think that it is much harder to receive what we want.  Allow yourself to think about what you want, imagine how you will feel to receive what you want and write it down. 

What would it feel like for you receive everything you desire for your life? The biggest factor is believing that you will receive everything you want. Here are the exact steps I have personally taken to live an amazing joyful life and they are the steps I share with clients. You’ll be amazed once you do these 4 specific steps how quickly your life changes. 

1. Decide what you desire and be very specificWhen you set an intention, one of the most important factors is being very specific. This will help you to stay focused on what you want which will keep your mind from doubting that it will actually come true. On a piece of paper, write out your intention statement.

Ex. My intention is to _________________________ (what do you desire, want to experience or achieve in your life).

2. Move into action: Moving into action starts with you having zero doubt that what you want to experience, receive or achieve will absolutely happen. Once you’ve written out your intention statement, think about the steps you can take to bring you closer to what you desire. 

3. Watch for evidence: Once you set your intention, watch for signs that what you desire you are creating and receiving. Keep a small notebook with you so that you can write down evidence that whatever you declared for your intention is starting to happen. Nothing is too small so be on the look out. You’ll be surprised at all of the signs you’ll see. 

4. Release it: When you set your intention, continue moving towards what you desire, look for evidence and release it. If you hold onto to it, you are pushing and that leads to doubting if it will happen. Remember that your higher source can dream bigger than we could ever imagine is possible. Have faith and believe you will receive. 

Now that you have set your intentions for what you desire in your life and business, staying in high vibration so that you keep doubt from festering in your mind is crucial. Everyday envision what you desire and act as if it has already happened.

Here’s to your brilliant intentions!



P.S. I would love for you to share in the comments below or through email your intentions and the evidence and signs you’re receiving.

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