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Hello Beautiful,
This weekend I went to a workshop on energy healing and one of the things I realized that keeps many of us from experiencing joy, love, abundance and success is our ability to surrender.

You may be asking yourself what do I mean by that. Do you ever feel like you were meant for something greater, but fear, old beliefs, doubt and frustration keep you playing small and watching other people’s success?

I did that for years without even knowing it. I had such a passion to help women improve their lives inside and out, but I kept playing the same tape in my mind.

Have you ever felt yourself think any of these thoughts, “I need more training before I can help anyone”, “what if they don’t like what I have to offer”, “I don’t have the money” and a big one “I’m not ready.”

Have you been waiting for the signs to show you the next step on your path to creating joy, success and abundance inConnect your life and business? The Universe is constantly giving us signs, but sometimes we are so busy being fearful about our next step, doubting if we have what it takes, comparing ourselves to others and the big one, moving so fast doing busy work that we can’t even hear or see the signs that are right in front of our face.

Here’s the good news! There are 3 things you can do today, so you start hearing God, the universe, your higher self or your guides talking to you:

1. Surrender – Let go of the fear holding you back from what you desire, the worry that keeps you up late at night and doing everything you can to control the outcome of what you desire. I believe that when we have felt enough pain then we finally surrender.

2. Connect with your intuition and ask a question – Be still, get quiet and place your hands on your heart chakra (between your breastbone). Be very specific on your question so you get a clear answer. We sometimes have that ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome. Be selective on what you pursue. When you ask a specific question, ask it a few times so you feel confident to connect with your intuition and know it is the right answer for you in this moment. You can always ask a question and also ask for signs, but the mind is a bit sneaky and sometimes we see what we want to see.

3. Remembrance Journal – When we are asking specific questions, write them down in your journal and put a date on that page. Also, if you do get a sign, write it down as well. To feel confident that you are really connected to your intuition, watch how you will get exactly what you want and when you start to take action on your decisions, you can look back on when you asked the question. You will be amazed at how spiritually connected you are! 

Wishing you a divine connection!



P.S. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the exact formula to master your mindset? Stay tuned. 


IMG_0152I’m Tracy Neely and I help women like you re-discover why you are incredible, reconnect with your inner brilliance and confidently own it. As an Intuitive Transformational Success Coach, I help you shine  brighter than you knew was possible.

My passion is helping women re-connect with the brilliance that has always been inside of them so they attract and receive what they desire in their life and business.  At the heart of my work is empowering women like you to let go of stories, beliefs and thoughts that have kept you wishing things were different, but feeling confident about yourself and what you have to offer seems to elude you.

After creating a successful coaching business, my unique experience, philosophy and method allows me to support women who are ready to feel confident, receive abundance and share their gifts and talents with confidence and authenticity.

(c) 2016 Tracy Neely                                                                                             

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