Getting to the Root 90 Day Coaching Program

Getting to the Root

Getting To The Root 90 Day Coaching Program

My philosophy is simple, dive deep to uncover the mystery of your health concerns and give the body what it needs so you feel healthy on the inside and look fabulous on the outside.

I am experienced in different modalities of nutritional, herbal and holistic therapies that promote healing the body from the inside out and allowing the body to cleanse and balance itself so that you live a healthy, vibrant gorgeous life.

So whether you are a mom trying to balance your home with taking care of YOU or you’re a woman trying to balance work life with family life, I realize that every woman is different with very different lifestyles, and we strive to create a highly customized program specific to your lifestyle and needs.

Your personalized and customized program is unique to your health concerns, health goals and your lifestyle. In your Getting to The Root 90 Day Program, together we will improve your health by correcting imbalances and chronic issues, incorporating new and exciting foods into your diet, and making positive lifestyle changes.

I believe that food is everything and can sustain and maintain excellent health over your lifetime. Every day, the food we eat is building and replenishing the cells in our body. I truly believe that “food has everything to do with how you look and feel.”

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated, it just requires that we put ourselves first because when our health changes, so does our lifestyle.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to feel better and more confident in your body
  • You have nagging health concerns and realize changing your lifestyle will help
  • You have tried everything, but are not able to make changes to lose weight that stay with you
  • You experience bloating, fatigue, and foggy brain and the many different diagnoses from health practitioners has left you confused
  • You fall asleep tired and wake up exhausted before you’ve even started your day
  • As an adult, you experience acne breakouts
  • You wonder why you crave sugary foods
  • You tell you’re self that you’re not stressed, but you find yourself clenching your jaws, bitting your nails, you experience sleep deprivation and you experience a heavy heart
  • You’re ready to discover a new way of living a life full of joy

Individual Health Assessment

Because you are unique with individual health concerns, challenges, and lifestyle goals, your 90 day one-on-one coaching program begins with a thorough Individual Health Assessment. Together we will address all your existing health, body and lifestyle concerns to create a program that is tailored to meet your needs.

Your Program Includes:

  • A customized detox program focusing on your specific health concerns. Detoxification is essential to the healthy functioning of our bodies.
  • Uncovering any mindset blocks, fears, worry or doubt which can leave you feeling less than confident
  • Goal setting to consistently help you take action as each session builds upon the next
  • Making simple yet profoundly effective health and lifestyle changes
  • Decreasing stress through Mindful Meditation
  • Tapping into what you truly desire for your life so that you feel ready to step out and pursue your passion with ease and grace

Support: So your changes will be lasting

Change can be a new feeling in the beginning to navigate and sustain all on your own. I will guide you, providing emotional and practical support through your healing.

Together, we will:

  • change the way you think about food and diet
  • address your cravings, sensitivities and food cravings (emotional eating) and any other specific issues that arise for you
  • look at thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from creating lasting change

Beyond Food

Although a large part of health is about the food you nourish your body with, there are other important factors.

Together we will:

  • Explore simple ways to begin moving your body that work for you
  • Create daily mindset rituals so that you feel more confident in who you are and your purpose in this world
  • Introduce restorative rest practices
  • Create simple practices to reduce stress and tension in your body

Our sessions together

Twelve  (12 )- 60 minute weekly sessions (Via Phone or Skype), one sixty minute session per week.

Here’s what other’s are saying about working in the Getting to the Root 90 Day Program:

I have worked with Tracy Neely for two months. My journey has been long, dreary, and complicated, however, Tracy, with her gentle style and professionalism, shined light upon me, that opened to endless possibilities. She extended her call to duty, by understanding, supporting, assisting, and adding the extra compassion I needed, at a critical time in my life.Nutrition and health comes so natural for Tracy, she made a lifestyle seem so natural, from teaching me to juice to creating cultured vegetables. Each meeting was tremendous, I felt myself get more healthy, and whenever a hurdle manifested, we jumped across it together. What teamwork! What great strides! What a life-altering accomplishment working with Tracy has been! Although I still have healing today, and am better prepared for the battle. My mind is open to receive more information. She was so flexible, and that assisted in implementing new approaches.After 12 weeks, it was like where did the time go, we just started our journey together, however, she needed me to crawl and then walk on my own. That is where I am now. I plan to perfect the steps, she and I walked together, then when I am ready to walk, just a little faster, we will pick up where we left off.Tracy has not only been my nutritionist, she has been my friend, my role-model, and my hero. She taught me to remain strong and encouraged, that nothing is not within reach, when you want it. She encouraged and complimented me when I felt unworthy of both encouragement and compliments. She was exactly what my life needed and I am so grateful to/for her. She in essence, changed my life and I will never, ever be the same again, because of her.Success is often measured by outcomes and results, so who I am health wise and the knowledge she bestowed upon me is immeasurable. Not only did I learn nutrition, I learned about being a woman, a mother, and a human being with plenty of life left. She believed in me and never gave up. I thank her for the time we spent together.- Robyn B., Berkeley Lake, GA
I had just turned 40 and had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (thyroid disease). I had gained thirty pounds in the space of three months, my skin was dry, my hair brittle, I was exhausted, and I was depressed. I could barely get off of the couch.But perhaps most importantly, I hated my body. I felt fat, ugly, and worthless. I really believed that my body had betrayed me – I never once stopped to think what I had been doing to my body as I filled it with caffeine, worked 60+ hours a week, and beat myself at the gym doing hours upon hours of grueling cardio.Today, my life is much different, in large part, thanks to Tracy. I haven’t lost all of the weight that I gained, but I am living a much kinder, gentler, and, in many ways, more beautiful life. I eat mostly organic food, I’ve given up sugar, gluten, and dairy, and I am pretty much off all my meds. I also take exquisite care of my skin. And whereas I used to constantly run to the pharmacy for Diflucan, I now manage my “chronic” candida with diet, gentle exercise, and compassion.Tracy is committed to helping me live the best life possible, by assisting me with making the decisions that will heal my body and make me love getting up every morning and looking at myself in the mirror.  Since I’ve known Tracy, I can honestly say that my body and my life have been transformed!- Kathryn L., Cornish Flat, NH

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