Exposing Your Light

We are a collective of womxn coming together to heal the wounds that hold us back in business so we transform ourselves from the inside out and expose our light, our gifts, our abilities and our soul work. This is for all Womxn. Healers, Soulful Leaders, Coaches,  Practitioners, Mentors, and other Soul-Centered Leaders… 

This is our time to give our wounds space to breathe so that as divine feminine entrepreneurs, we heal ourselves back to the remembrance of the light that is within each of us.

Exposing the wound that is ready to be healed will allow us to step out of the shadow and into our light so that we show up powerfully in our businesses and do the work that our heart, soul, and mind are calling us into as coaches, healers, practitioners, and mentors.

Our wounds show up as “not enough” or feelings of being “too much” amid our passion to be of service and share our gifts.

These wounds show up in our work, our health, and our relationships. What if we gave our wound space to breath. Space for our wound to begin to crack open exposing our light.

Exposing ourselves and showing up in our businesses when the wound is still raw can feel vulnerable. Feelings of not wanting to expose ourselves, have been running the show, but no longer.

Our light will expose our gifts as we connect to the essence of our soul – our soul light. It is the space where everything we have ever been is recorded. It’s the space of sovereignty and remembrance.

Exposing Your Light Experience 2.0

Stay Tuned For Our Next Iteration

Exposing Your Light program is so important to me because I carried a wound deep inside of me since I was a young girl that created an energy of feeling like my essence and my presence was just too much for people. What I realized is that feelings of “being too much” showed up as not sharing more of myself with people for fear that my energy was too much for them.

I told myself that I was introverted and made excuses for not sharing my gifts with my community. I realized until I healed this wound, it would follow me around and block me from helping womxn entrepreneurs be of service and share their gifts, talents and abilities.

Healing this wound was the best thing I could have done for my life and my business.

After completing our six weeks together you will trust the inner-knowing inside of you and show up confidently in your business and share your divine gifts and your soul’s work in a way that creates more joy and abundance in your life.

Your Sacred Space Holder

Tracy Neely is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Seer and Certified Life Coach

Tracy’s work is centered around YOU as a reflection of your business and the work you feel called to do. Tracy has spent over a decade supporting and mentoring womxn through energy practices that heal, intuitive coaching that shifts their mindset, and seer wisdom for insight and clarity.

Throughout Tracy’s life, she has been guided to hold space for womxn as they awaken to their inner-healer, uncover their soul purpose, connect with their gifts and abilities and deepen their intuition.

Tracy works one-on-one with womxn all over the world through her Soul Business Mentorship, as well as Energy Healing Sessions that are done in person or online.

At the heart of Tracy’s work is supporting her clients to experience and feel confident in the work they feel called to share with their community.


After the first week of experiencing Exposing Your Light, Dena shared the following experience.

I felt a profound shift and healing from the start of our first call and completing Module 1: Exposing Your Light.  I felt an instant sense of safety as soon as I logged on to our first call.  I energetically could feel the sacred space Tracy created for our group and felt instant love and heightened vibration on our call.  I love how Tracy introduced the Intimacy with our breath and I felt a connectiveness and expansiveness throughout my field. 

The connection into our breath also opened me to the meditation she introduced next which connected to a specific traumatic wound which was introduced when I was young, but she also helped bring light and healing to the wound.  I’ve used the Violent Flame of St. Germain many times but it felt so healing with this particular wound.  That night I had a very disturbing nightmare around safety and security (wound) but the homework/soulwork Tracy had for us was more profound to shift the feelings/emotions and beliefs. 

I love how Tracy opens our heart, and gently connects us with our wound and then back to healing, gently pealing back the layers as we do the work.  AND – this was only week 1!  I’m excited to explore what’s next. ~ Dena Totaro, Intuitive Healer, Soul Coach, Yoga PractitionerTracy holds a space of deep alchemy that is difficult to put into words. From the moment I stepped into circle with her I could feel a shift in energy and a transmission that was taking place beyond conscious understanding. There was permission and guidance to drop out of knowing or doing or achieving, and instead be compassionately and intelligently with what was arising within and around me. I learned so much and was lead to such a deep place within myself. ~ Ionsul Ferrin