The Evolve Method Of Alchemy is the next evolution of your transformation in business. 

This is your time to evolve into your level of self mastery through the remembrance of your truth and your unique way of solidifying your presence, essence and resonance through the ancient wisdom of the Stars through Astrology, the language of your Soul through Human Design, and the alchemical process of feeling more healed through Energy Alchemy.

Have you ever had that feeling that you know deep in your soul that you are meant for so much more than what your life is showing you right now? And you sense that you are ready to experience a new evolution of you? And a new evolution of who you are in your business?

You have that feeling of being of service to another human in a way that they feel seen, heard and shown love for whatever they are moving through.What if showing up as you is enough for who you desire to be of service to. That is your sweet spot. It’s the expression of you that is illuminated in every aspect of your life and your business. Your soul knows who you are, even when you forget. The journey is coming back to the remembrance of  YOU. Your sweet spot.  The sweetness is your uniqueness. Your unique expression that you unapologetically show up in with ease.

I invite you on a journey of evolution. An evolution of you!

What if this is the time to re-establish new agreements with yourself. To make space for what’s present and wants to be witnessed so the new version of your higher self feels safe and illuminate your magnetism!

Your evolution is emerging. Everything you thought you knew has shifted. Everything you believed about yourself has shifted. Are you ready to evolve? 

Guiding you through your next evolution of you so you experience a deep remembrance of your inner-knowing and magnetism is the gift. The knowing that tells you there’s more to step into, but not without coming back to your truth first and foremost and that thing you’re meant to say yes to next.

There’s a calling within you that says it’s time to evolve. I’m here to help answer that call.


Is a 1:1 high-level mentorship where I’ll guide you through three portals of your unique expression so that you illuminate your magnetism in your soul aligned business. 

Deeply Nourished-3

Feel deeply nourished so you honor and illuminate your nature in your business. 

Mystical Mind-3

Amplify the energy of your higher self so you come in alignment with your inner knowing and trust your wisdom.

Unique Expression-6

Who you are ‘being’ in your business is a reflection of your unique expression. 

As a heart centered coach, healer and someone who desires to elevate  in your business, there’s an evolutionary shift bringing you into alignment with your fully expressed self. 

Evolution of You (400 x 450 px)

Are you ready to EVOLVE?

EVOLVE is for the heart centered healer, coach or guide who values a highly confidential space to unravel what’s been causing them to feel uprooted and do the sacred work of rerooting by transmuting what no longer belongs.

  • You speak the language of the soul.
  • You deeply trust your intuition.
  • You know that energy is everything.

You’re a seeker. You always have been. YOU are who I help.

Introducing Evolve...

The Evolve Method Of Alchemy

Evolve is an alchemical journey through your mind, body and soul so that you evolve into the next level of your inner-brilliance and illuminate your unique expression in your soul work. 


Our journey together is 1:1 over the course of 6 months, and will meet twice a month over Zoom and Voxer.

We will move through the THREE PORTALS of EVOLUTION – the DEEPLY NOURISHED portal, the MYSTICAL MIND portal and the UNIQUE EXPRESSION portal. 

Your investment is $7,997 or 6 monthly payments of $1,347.00.

To get started, book a 30-minute intuitive clarity call to ensure we’re a good fit.


Testimonials from beautiful souls that said YES to investing in themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Praise for Evolve

Life is a journey of high’s and low’s

and how we navigate this journey requires a sense of how we nurture and nourish every aspect of our body, mind and soul so that we evolve and expand into our truest self. Stepping more deeply into our divine power and illuminate our magnetism in our business. 

What it looks and feels like to evolve and expand into the highest vibration of your whole, illuminated self.

Connecting with the wisdom of your body

There is an intelligence within the deep layers of your body that holds deep wisdom, and life experiences that hold emotions that create blocked energy. 

Deeply connected to our electrical system is where we hold trauma, emotional barriers, and life experiences that block us from feeling our deepest truths and living our soul purpose. This is your time to align with the foundation of YOU and nurture and nourish your whole body – mind, spirit and soul.  

Honoring your wisdom begins with how you are honoring your body. What you put in your body and how you nurture your body can nourish or hinder your true self. 

Tuning into ease

Finding your rhythm for doing something creates ease. And it doesn’t mean it will be hard if it isn’t easy. It means you emotionally assess something energetically’ that processes and shows you the best way for you to embody what it is you desire to experience. The more ease you bring into your life, the reflection of that is illuminated in your business. 

It’s a moment to feel the desire vs. thinking about it. We can think all day long about our desires, however until we imagine and feel it through our energy, our mind will continue to look for patterns and behaviors where our subconscious mind has stored struggle, self-judgment, self-betrayal and many other ways we self-sabotage ourselves from evolving.

Illuminated self

Deepen into the vibration of S.E.L.F. Your soul expressed light frequency. Your inner-brilliance is the light of your inner-wisdom. The wisdom that comes from your whole, healed self is like a lighthouse radiating throughout every aspect of your business. 

What is your soul’s mission? Where are you being called to grow so that you express your soul purpose in a way that impacts the lives of those you desire to be in connection with?

Alchemizing our wounds into our soul’s wisdom is expressing the truth of who we are and exploring the deepest realms of alchemy to experience an inner-transformation. Transforming yourself from the inside out creates a harmony within you and everything you desire to experience and accomplish. 

Evolve is a mystical, intuitive, remembrance of healing and transformation so that your whole illuminated self shines through in a private six month journey of evolution and elevation. Elevating you into the next level of evolution in your business.

A journey of healing your whole self. No shrinking or hiding the parts of you where guilt, shame, blame live. It’s an evolution of your body, mind and soul. A realignment to you feeling deeply connected and grounded in knowing and trusting the wisdom that moves through every aspect of you as your soul’s expression. 

This is your time to feel deeply nourished, so that you elevate into your mystical mind, and unapologetically illuminate your unique expression of your inner-brilliance in your business. 

What You Receive

Your Evolve Program Includes:

Twelve (12) Forty Five Minute Private 1:1 Healing, Mystical, Coaching Sessions (Bi-Weekly on Zoom) 

This six month journey is an invitation to evolve, expand and elevate to the new dimension of you.

Six Monthly Payments of $1,397.00
Payment In Full $7,997.00

If you are ready to fully evolve every aspect of your whole self, let’s chat. Click the link below. 

welcome beautiful!

I'm Tracy Neely!

As the creator and founder of Mindset Alchemy®, a company that supports and guides womxn entrepreneurs through the process of healing their emotional, mental, and spiritual health, I am so excited you stumbled upon this magical space. 

As an Intuitive Healer, Seer, Energy Priestess and Certified Life Coach, my soul purpose came to me in a dream many years ago and today I am living that dream out loud by supporting and guiding womxn through the process of being more of who they are so they connect with their inner glow illuminating from their soul. A remembrance of self in all forms is a beautiful way to embrace all the parts of who we are.


This six month journey is an invitation to evolve, expand and elevate to the new dimension of you.
Twelve (12) Forty Five Minute Private 1:1 Healing, Mystical, Coaching Sessions) Bi-Weekly on Zoom) 

Six Monthly Payments of $1,397.00 ~
or ~ Payment In Full $7,997.00