There’s a stirring happening below the surface in your subconscious that is calling you to look within, awaken to things that are ready to be healed and transform your life! Are you feeling it?

There are times in your life when you have felt a deep inner-knowing that you are ready to heal, awaken and live your best life. But somewhere along the way, you disconnected from your inner-knowing, and this creates a pattern of you doubting yourself.

I’ve been there and I know what it feels like to emotionally feel disconnected from yourself due to emotional deep wounds that continue to take you further and further away from your soul’s calling and experiencing abundance in your life.

But the good news is that you can experience a deep revelation to what is underneath the surface that is ready to be healed.  If you’ve been feeling that something is always getting in the way of you experiencing life the way you desire to live, going on a journey within your inner-world and connecting with the deepest parts of your soul, your heart and your spirit is the beginning of your awakening and healing!

Energy Healing can heal resistant energy in the emotional body so that you experience a physical transformation.

Experience a deep healing journey as you explore and connect with the depths of your soul during your journey of returning back to your true self. This is where your energy healing journey begins. 

During your Energy Healing Sessions, you have the capacity to access deeper parts of yourself where your gifts, talents, and abilities live.  Heal beliefs and thoughts that have held you back from connecting with your inner knowing. Remember who you were before life’s challenges invaded your life. Feel worthy to receive again. It is your birthright to experience all the ways that abundance can show up in your life.

If you are ready to heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and live your best life,  then this is for you!

Energy Healing Sessions are a combination of Chakra Alignment, Crystal Healing, Energy Clearing, and Reiki.

I can see what’s below the surface in the subconscious that is holding you back and ready to be healed. During our time together, we will uncover limiting beliefs, emotional challenges, patterns that cause disharmony in your body and what is below the surface ready to be healed.

Are you ready for a journey on your path to healing from the inside out?

***Purchase your Energy Healing Sessions in 1, 4, 8, or 12 session packages.
There is a discount when you invest in the 4, 8, or 12 session packages. 

1 Energy
Healing Session Exchange $297.00

4 Energy
Healing Sessions Exchange $997.00 ($249.25 per session)

8 Energy
Healing Sessions Exchange $1,816.00 ($227.00 per session)

12 Energy
Healing Sessions Exchange $2,364.00 ($197.00 per session)

***All Energy Healing Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are done over Zoom. 

I invite you to come to your Distance Energy Healing Sessions with an open heart and mind so that you will receive awareness to the emotional or physical challenges that are ready to be healed.

***Your Distance Energy Healing Sessions will be held on Zoom. You will receive an mp3 of each of your Energy Healing Sessions 24 hours after your session has ended. 

A few womxn share their experience of our work together.

I was drawn to work with Tracy because I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about the type of programs I should put together to attract more clients. In working with Tracy, what I liked most was her simple, yet powerfully effective action plans she recommended, her intuitive ability when she made suggestions were spot on for me and the accountability piece was huge.

At the end of a session, Tracy would remind me to email her a copy of what I had created by a certain date so she could review it and make suggestions. Tracy would check in during each session to see if I had completed the action plan and if not we would process where I was getting stuck and if we needed to shift the course of action. ~ Cassandra Herbert, Holistic Nurse Consultant and Chakra Harmony Specialist


I knew I need to penetrate through some blockages that were keeping me from moving forward. I saw Tracy on social media in a video and a voice inside me said stop and listen. I reached out to her to learn about her services.

Through the deep soul work with Tracy, I learned that I am enough. That I have gifts to share. I can own who I am and still want to try new things and discover all about me. Tracy is an absolute Light!  I felt totally safe to share my feelings and thoughts or cry with Tracy.  She held a safe space for me to share things that I could not share since my mother’s transition.  I thank Tracy so much for that! ~ Errica Taver Gray


I was recovering from emergency surgery, moved into a new house, and was dealing with a challenging soulmate relationship “separation.”

Working with Tracy was so comforting to my soul, as it offered me complete relaxation, peace, healing, and validation from my spiritual entourage that all is well as I continue to walk my journey towards enlightenment.

Everything about our work together was magical and very sacred to my spirit. I am forever grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime.
~ Aurora Dowdy

Experience your own inner-healing today!

From the moment you schedule your sessions, energetically, your journey begins!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Much love and gratitude,