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You’ve been on this journey of being of service sharing your services, and programs, but somewhere on your journey you’ve gotten side tracked. Doubt has set in and so has analysis paralysis. 

No matter where you are in your business – the beginning or a seasoned entrepreneur, we ALL go through things when we make a decision to share what lights us up and when we feel called to help others transform their lives.

The most powerful and potent way to transform your business is by healing all the ways you’ve held yourself back from sharing more of YOU and your inner-brilliance.

Your journey of transformation includes:

✣ energy alchemy – transforming your energy so that you elevate your mind and your business

✣ mindset alchemy – transforming your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions

✣ soul light alchemy – connecting with your gifts, speaking your truth, raising your vibration and experiencing your soul work

Ready to finally transform your energy, your mind and your business?

Energy Alchemy is how you transform your energy and elevate your mind and business. 

In Elevate Alchemy™ you and I will work first on your foundation which is your ENERGY. Energy is everything! Every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every belief and every habit creates a certain type of energy and this energy is the spark for everything you are experiencing and the new way you desire to elevate your mind and elevate your business. And as you heal, you begin to experience another level of your energy called vibration. 

Vibration isn’t something you can see but you can certainly feel it. It’s that feeling you get when you meet someone or see someone and there is something you are attracted to. Limiting beliefs create low vibration energy. And this low vibration keeps you from experiencing and doing your soul’s work. 

Your emotions are energy in motion so we will uncover the emotions that you’ve been holding back and suppressing so that you can begin the process of shifting your energy to a higher vibration. The higher your vibrations, the faster you’re able to elevate your dreams and desires and experience a new reality of abundance, divine power and an inner-knowing that guides your business.

The good news is that the moment you make a decision to invest in yourself through Elevate Alchemy™, you are shifting your energy right now. Declaring that you desire something different in your life is how you begin to elevate your energy and create a different vibration. Your energy is the foundation of everything you desire to experience and create in your life. That’s where we begin!

You begin elevating your energy through the realm of ENERGY ALCHEMY. Transforming your thoughts, and beliefs so that you are ready to show up as the fullest expression of yourself without hesitation.

Energy Alchemy involves healing and transforming your energy and raising your vibration through:

✣  cleansing and balancing your energy centers (whatever you are experiencing is stored in your energy centers)

✣  sound frequencies and meditative practices for healing blocked energy 

✣ crystal bowl sound healing to clear blocked energy and raise your vibration

During our work together, not only did we work on my energy and my mindset, we worked on my business. Tracy has the ability to sense what lights up your soul and made suggestions on my message and brand so that they appeared consistent with my vision and were clear on my website, and social media. If you are feeling stuck and unclear and if you are spinning your wheels on ways to elevate your business, I highly recommend you invest in working with Tracy.
~ Cassandra Herbert – Holistic Nurse Consultant, Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner, Wellness Educator, Healthy Eating Coach

The subconscious mind is crafty and will continue to look for ways that we continue to judge ourselves, question our worth, doubt our inner-knowing, and hold ourselves back from experiencing and living our soul’s work which is SOUL WORK.

Elevating your mind is about unraveling and unfurling beliefs, behaviors, stories and habits that hold you back from sharing more of yourself.  

When you release beliefs and thoughts that hold you back, there is a remembering of your light, your confidence, your gifts, and the work your soul is sharing with the world.

The unraveling of emotions and beliefs that continue to create the reality you’re living in right now will  support you in remembering your essence, your gifts, your light and confidently sharing your abilities and what lights up your heart and soul. We will be moving at a pace that old thinking will not be able to catch up with. This is how we move through limiting beliefs, self-judgment, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging thoughts, and stories that keep us holding ourselves back from being seen.

We often hear, how we do one thing is how we do another. I say, what we think about ourselves is the energy we bring into our business. Every thought, feeling, belief and emotion creates an environment for attracting or repelling what we desire into our lives and business. 

Your subconscious mind is like a gigantic memory bank that stores memories that can run our lives and our business. Things that haven’t been healed will come up at the most inconvenient times. The more you reveal what is lurking deep within your mind, the more you can heal.

When you say YES to experiencing and creating something different in your life, is that the work you and I are doing will unravel and uplevel your thoughts and beliefs so that your conscious mind begins to show you a different reality. A reality that includes you remembering your WHY. Your WHY is your soul’s work.

Your Higher Self is where you experience your WHY.  No matter what is happening in your life, when you connect with your WHY, you will feel more empowered to share your work and speak your truth in a new way.

During our work together, we will go on a journey of deep inquiry into your mind so that you begin the process of healing yourself and connecting with your deepest desires. The desires you thought were too much and out of your grasp is deep inside of you. It takes bringing them into the light so that you experience your soul’s work. 

Being of service and sharing your gifts is like breathing for you! You can’t imagine any other place you’d rather be than supporting others to experience their dreams and desires with your inner-brilliance, your gifts, your expertise and your soul work.
From the moment you decided to be of service sharing your work, something happened. You began the journey of opening up to the realm of your soul’s work. 
When you ask yourself what you’re passionate about, how many things come to mind? Like so many of us, there are lots of things that excite us. But that doesn’t mean that we turn these things into our life’s work.

Imagine for a moment that there is a burning desire inside of you to share something that can literally save someone’s life. And the more that you don’t share it, it’s like an ache you feel. It’s like a part of you is mourning. What you desire to share goes beyond passion, it’s the work you feel is coming from your soul. 

And as you unravel how you see yourself based on life experiences, beliefs that keep you doubting yourself, stories of painful times in your life and emotions that you’ve been tied to for far too long, I want you to think about that ache you feel when you don’t share your work.

This is the work of your soul. It’s like breathing for you and is what keeps you going in the moments when your mind wants to question your worth, your value, how you’re perceived and any other false belief about yourself. 
This is your time to show up as the fullest expression of yourself and share your SOUL LIGHT.

✣ No one is like you and your gifts are innate 

✣ Speaking up and speaking about the things that matter to you

✣ Your essence is the frequency that is magnetizing to those you desire to connect with

✣ You are the soul of your business and your soul work lights up every part of you 

Elevate Alchemy™

Elevate Your Energy • Elevate Your Mind • Elevate Your Business 

Your Six Week Program Includes:

  • One (1) Forty Five Minute Session Weekly Via Zoom (6 sessions) which includes energy work, mindset/life coaching and intuitive soul work
  • Energy Healing during your weekly coaching session
  • Energy Frequency Meditations to support elevating your energy and raising your vibration
  • Sound Healing to release emotions stuck in the body and in particular in your nervous system
  • Cleanse and Balance your Energy Centers
  • Life Coaching to uncover beliefs, thoughts and emotional challenges hindering you from showing up and sharing your work that lights up your soul
  • Mindset Coaching to reveal patterns and behaviors that are hindering you from feeling worthy and experiencing abundance
  • Clarity on your soul work – your gifts,  your truth, your essence and what lights you up
  • Materials to support you on your journey

ALL this in six weeks! Get ready for momentum beyond anything you’ve experienced before. 

Investment: $3,497 In Full or Payment Plan Available

✣ Is Elevate Alchemy™ for someone just starting out in their business?

Elevate Alchemy™ is for the woman who is just beginning her soul work or for the seasoned entrepreneur who is feeling stuck and not sure what is getting in their way. 

✣ If I don’t know much about energy work is this for me? 

Whether you know a little or alot about energy work, our work together is about the vibe you desire to feel and exude. During our journey together you will walk away knowing how to sense and feel energy and how vibration and frequency affect every area of your life including your business. Emotions (energy in motion) typically get stuck in our nervous system and we begin to feel disconnected from ourselves, from ourselves and from our soul work. 

Energy work is the doorway we move through so that you shift your reality and show up as the fullest expression of your self and feel free to just be YOU. 

✣ I’ve done mindset work but I tend to go back to old beliefs and thoughts that make me judge myself with a lot of overthinking things. How is Elelvate Alchemy™ different?

There’s a reason we begin with energy work. Most of our beliefs and thoughts have been with us a very long time and are taking up space in our subconscious mind. Our work together will begin to reveal beliefs, challenges and habits on an energetic level through energy work so that you can begin to heal and elevate your mindset.

✣ What if I have no idea what soul work is all about? I just want to be an entrepreneur?

If you are here, your work or what you desire to create goes beyond ‘being of service.’ Being of service is a beautiful thing, but your work is like breathing for you. It lights you up so much that to NOT do it, would feel like a piece of you is missing. Our soul, the deepest parts of ourselves has a way of drawing us closer to what lights us up. There’s a reason why you are here. This is SOUL WORK!

✣ I’m working on my business but not sure what I need. I’m feeling that ‘imposter syndrome’. 

Every single person I’ve worked with including myself has felt the emotions of ‘what if people find out about me.’ Here’s the thing, when you begin to reveal the low vibration thoughts that hold you back and begin to heal emotional wounds that create that imposter syndrome, you begin to remember the light in you and you get excited to share more of you and the work your soul is showing you.

This is your time to feel lit up by your soul work!

I’m Tracy Neely, founder and creator of Mindset Alchemy®. I’m an Intuitive Healer, Soul Priestess and Mentor for womxn who are ready to awaken to their calling and serve their community doing soul work that transforms lives.

One of my gifts is helping womxn uncover their gifts. I can see beyond the veil of emotions holding them back from going all in and living their best life.

I’m Tracy Neely, founder and creator of Mindset Alchemy®. I’m an Intuitive Healer, Soul Priestess and Mentor for womxn who are ready to awaken to their calling and serve their community doing soul work that transforms lives.

One of my gifts is helping womxn uncover their gifts. I can see beyond the veil of emotions holding them back from going all in and living their best life.

Everything is energy and my soul work is to teach womxn how to elevate their energy, their mind and their business. We are the soul of our business and our soul work is the key to clients living their best life.

My work is centered around you healing yourself so that you show up as the fullest expression of yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who speaks her truth and is being of service sharing their soul work.

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I love sharing wisdom on energy healing, deepening your intuition, connecting with the soul of your business, experiencing alchemy in your life, raising your energetic vibration, and so much more!