Ready To Illuminate Your Brilliance

Intuitive Coaches and Healers, illuminating your light is what happens when you stop hiding and take up more space.


Hiding your light is costing you time, money and soul currency!

  • Holding back your magic for fear of what other’s think is robbing you of sharing a piece of your heart.  
  • The more you try to fit in, your brilliance becomes a cloak of invisibility. 
  • And dimming your light keeps the most brilliant parts of you hidden.
Keeping the most brilliant parts of you hidden because  of other people’s perception of you robs you of your joy, your dreams and your purpose.
This was my story which kept me frustrated, stuck and not living my purpose. I wanted so much to support womxn sharing my gifts, but unconsciously I self-sabotaged myself in a way that I didn’t even realize. Healing is a journey and it doesn’t have to be full of pain, doom and gloom. It’s a journey of illuminating and revealing what is ready to be alchemized so that you feel a renewed sense of who you are. 

Before working with Tracy I was dealing with life events that had numbed me to a point that I was just floating through my life.   

In the six months that we worked together, I experience clarity in how I wanted to conduct my business…(not the made-up story that had me playing small). 

Tracy lives her truth and willingly shares her gifts in such a way that you forget you are in a ‘session’.  There is no pretense.  No judgment.  If you are willing to do the work the results will come.    ~ Namura Nkeze, Transition Coach

I feel like Tracy takes me on a journey and whatever I am going through or whatever self-limiting beliefs that Tracy is helping me shift through or whatever past traumas, I can feel them. It’s like a road map. Tracy is clearing the way and helping bring insight. And as she is going through my energy centers or these layers I can in feel and “see” in real time the shift that’s happening – the letting go of things that I’ve been holding onto whether in my body or in my mind and feeling into the emotional release.  

Sometimes it takes me days, weeks and even months on my own as the pieces are coming together (like a puzzle) but from the healing work that I do with Tracy, it is a lot quicker and with more awareness than any other healer I have seen. And I believe it’s a combination of me deciding that I’m wholeheartedly ready to make those shifts and also Tracy’s gifts of being a Seer and knowing exactly where to go and what to do intuitively. It is a beautiful, enlightening, freeing and humbling experience.  ~ Dena Totaro, Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer and Wellness Coach

Angela O’Leary, Business Coach & Energy Healer

I signed up to work with Tracy because she is so much more than just a coach. I knew her intuitive ability to identify the blocks would mean I could get results quicker. She helped me shift my mindset, blocks and heal, so my own intuitive purpose could come through.

So much has shifted. So much has changed. I have never felt this aligned, confident, relaxed and stress free when it comes to my business. It’s like all my pieces have come back together and things feel effortless.  

~Angela Monteiro Pereira Founder and CEO of Spiritual Wealthy Woman




Your LIGHT expresses itself through your CHANNELS OF EXPRESSION so that YOU…




Light the world up with your brilliance.


Your Six Month Program Includes:

✣ One (1) Forty Five Minute Session Bi-Weekly Via Zoom (12 sessions) which includes energy work, mindset/life coaching and intuitive vision work

✣ 21 Day practice to deepen into your magic, your medicine and your soul’s truth.

✣ Meditation journeys to elevate your mind

✣ Ceremonial work to connect with your illumination.

✣ Soul contemplation in your private FB page between sessions with Tracy

✣ Sound Healing to release emotions stuck in the body and in particular in your nervous system

✣ Life Coaching to uncover beliefs, thoughts and emotional challenges hindering you from showing up and sharing your work that lights up your soul

✣ Mindset work to reveal patterns and behaviors that are holding you back from radiating your light

Investment: $7,997.00 In Full or Payment Plan Available

Hello Love! 

I’m Tracy Neely, healer, seer, priestess and life coach for soul centered coaches, healers, and illuminated womxn entrepreneurs who are SOUL LIT UP by sharing their gifts and creating an impact. 

Holding space for beautiful souls to radiate their light into the world through their gifts, talents and abilities is something I dreamed of long before I put myself out to the world. To see someone illuminate their brilliance through their soul work and own who they are is a beautiful thing. 

Before working with Tracy I had so many dreams and aspirations but fear held me at a stand still. I was unable to move forward on any dream because I would talk myself out of following through or taking steps. Working with Tracy has been life changing. Her ability to tap into the energy within has transformed my life.

I’ve been able to find my true passion and start working towards a health and wellness coaching certification. I’ve also worked past my fear and joined an invention cohort to help me build an invention dream I’ve had for a long time. We also worked through tons of negative energy that has kept me stuck for years and years. I am a better person because she entered my life. I now have the tools to be who I was called to be and the skills needed if I run into fear or negative beliefs.
~ Shiva Walker, Wellness Coach

Tracy has held a safe space as we’ve done some pretty challenging and transformative work together the last couple of months.  I’ve grown leaps and bounds and so has my business thanks to her support. Tracy helped me zoom in on a more focused offering that will save me time and make me more money – and most importantly, she showed me the way back to joy in my work ~ Anna Lovind, Writer and Creative Teacher

Is Elevate Alchemy™ for someone just starting out in their business or someone who’s been in business a few years?

Elevate Alchemy™ is for healers, coaches, and womxn entrepreneurs, who are called to be of service. The amount of time you’ve been in business is not the focus. It’s more about are you ready to bring ALL of you into your business. No matter if you are just starting out or you’ve hit a road block and are ready to elevate to the next level. 

✣ If I don’t know much about energy work is this for me? 

Whether you know a little or alot about energy work, our work together is about the vibration you desire to feel and exude. Energy is everything and everything is energy. During our journey together you will walk away knowing how to sense and feel energy and how vibration and frequency affect every area of your life including your business. Emotions (energy in motion) typically get stuck in our electrical system and we begin to feel disconnected from ourselves, and from our soul work. 

Energy work is the doorway you move through so that you shift your reality and show up as the fullest expression of your self and feel free to just be YOU

✣ I’ve done mindset work but I tend to go back to old beliefs and thoughts that make me judge myself with a lot of overthinking things. 

Many of our beliefs, thoughts and feelings show us how we are showing up in our business.  Our work together will begin to reveal beliefs, challenges and habits on an energetic level so that you can begin to heal and elevate your thoughts and beliefs and align with the vibration of your brilliance. 

✣ What if I have no idea what soul work is all about? I just want to be an entrepreneur?

There is a reason you are drawn to Elevate Alchemy™. You sense that your purpose is much bigger than how you are showing up in your business.  There’s a reason why you are here. This is the nudge that begins a deeper connection into YOU. 

✣ I’m working on my business but not sure what I need. I’m feeling that ‘imposter syndrome’. 

Every single person I’ve worked with including myself has felt the emotions of ‘what if people find out about me.’ Here’s the thing, when you begin to reveal the low vibrational thoughts that hold you back and begin to heal emotional wounds that create that imposter syndrome, you begin to remember the light in you and you get excited to share more of you in a way that lights up your soul. 


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