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Hello Beautiful,

How would it feel if when a thought comes into your mind regarding you being successful and living out your desires, you chose to confidently take action rather than allow the fear to bubble up and paralyze you from living out your dreams and desires?
That is something I’ve asked myself because in the past, I have allowed the fear of being seen, the fear of someone not liking something I’ve created to hold me back from taking action.
I realized that the fear was keeping me stuck and blocking me from living out my desire of supporting women as Desire overthey transform their thoughts and beliefs so they experience success in their life and business. 
Here’s a short writing exercise that will help you to release any resistance you are feeling to change.
Resistance To Change Writing Exercise
Say the following – I Am Changing 
If you haven’t made the changes that you know would transform your life, ask yourself WHY. The subconscious mind is very crafty and will have you think it is keeping you safe. Most times we don’t know that there is a resistance to change. It may show up as “once I do ________________, then I’ll be ready” or “my website has to look like this ____________, before I can put myself out there” or “this will work for everyone else, but not me.”
By answering the two questions below, you will become aware of the resistance and then be able to release it. 
Find a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be distracted. Take a few deep breaths. Get out your journal or a notebook. Ask yourself the following:
1. Why am I resistant or fearful to make this change for my life?
2. Is what I’m feeling (fear) real or is it that I want to be sure of the outcome before I make a change?
This second question was a big one for me! It was as if I wanted to fast forward into the future to know the outcome before taking action. Thinking like this, kept me wishing things were different. But nothing changing!  It wasn’t until I started to allow my desires to be bigger than my fear and started to take action, that beautiful things started showing up in my life and in my business in a big way.
Take Inspired Action
Now that you’ve answered the following questions, take a bold step and do one new thing that will bring you closer to what you desire. Sometimes accountability is key. When you say what you desire and give it a time frame and ask someone you know to keep you accountable to what you have stated and written down, something magical happens.
I’d love to hear from you if you desire to have support and accountability. Email me at tracy@tracyneely.com

Much love,


P.S. Allow your heart and mind to connect so you start to take inspired action. Act “as if” the thing you desire has already taken place. I can’t wait to hear about your success. 

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