Breathe Alchemy: The Journey

An in person group experience that will take you on an immersive healing and transformation journey.

Are you ready to experience an immersive journey into your heart?

When you are ready to experience a transformation in some aspect of your life so that you evolve,

breathwork is the doorway into your transformation.

I’m so grateful to connect with women in my sacred space here in Georgia to experience Breathe Alchemy. We come together in sacred circle to quiet the mind, drop into the body, heal our heart and illuminate our light so that we transform our whole self from the inside out. 

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the form of consciously moving the breath to become more active in your body. Breathwork is an active meditation that can support you in improving your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The English word spirit comes from Latin “spiritus” (“breath”).

Breathwork has been used for thousands of years to produce altered states of existence. Ancient cultures around the world have long known that your breath is a bridge to both physiological changes, emotional shifts, and spiritual connection.

What are the benefits of Breathwork?

Scientific studies show that conscious breathing can support your body in decreased levels of stress, can reduce anxious feelings, enhance your mood, can improve sleep, responsible for how we can go into a state of an internal rest and increase lung capacity to breathe deeper to expand the ease with which we breathe.

Simply put, the benefits of breathwork can impact your life in ways that shifts your well-being.

And these are just a few of the amazing benefits of Breathwork.

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what is… 

Breathe Alchemy: The Journey?

I invite you to go on a journey through the vibration of your breath. We begin with a brief introduction to how things will flow within Breathe Alchemy: The Journey and how you can begin the journey of activating your breath so that you experience your own inner transformation.

During the brief introduction, we will go over the basics of Breathe Alchemy: The Journey so that you feel ready and comfortable to connect deeply with your inner-world.

To connect deeply with your breath is to experience your energetic capacity to reveal and feel anything that is in your energy field that may be blocking you from experiencing your overall wellness.

I was first introduced to breathwork in the early 90’s in a yoga class in Manhattan. And ever since then, I continue to experience the benefits of breathwork and share breathwork with every client I work with.

Everything we experience begins in our emotional body. Every physical ailment, stressful situation, overwhelming experience, and every emotional challenge begins with an emotion that creates an energy barrier between you and what you desire. Our emotions create an experience we feel in our body.

Breathwork can open the doorway to shift from emotional dis-ease to emotional freedom.

What is Breathwork?

I believe that YOU are here on earth to experience the most epic life! And breathwork is a tool to support you in living your best life. It all begins with you believing and feeling that you are worthy to experience your epic life!

Breathwork classes are popping up all over the world, however not everyone lives near a class or knows where there is a class in their town.

That is why I created a way that you can join me in the comfort of your home for a group Breathwork experience through Breathe Alchemy: The Journey.

In Breathe Alchemy I will guide you through an introduction to Breathe Alchemy and then I’ll guide you through a 45 minute journey through the energy of your ‘channels of expression’, also called your energy centers as you connect deeply with your breath so that you experience your soul’s deepest desires.

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what you receive..

There are 3 parts to
Breathe Alchemy

The Opening

To prepare you for this journey and what can assist you in feeling comfortable before we start.

You will receive suggestions as you prepare your mind, body and spirit to connect deeply with your breath.

We will open the circle and share our intentions and anything else before we go on our journey with connecting intimately with our breath. 

The Journey

On our journey we will breathe through the doorway of our heart to connect with our inner-world. 

The Closing

As we begin to close our circle, we bring ourselves back into the present moment and begin to feel grounded and rooted in the now. I am here to support anything that you have experienced and have questions about regarding your journey. I will share suggestions on your next steps.

Breathe Alchemy Experiences

I’m celebrating YOU for making the decision to live your best life! If you have been looking for a powerful practice that can support you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I invite you to join me in Breathe Alchemy. 

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I’m excited for you to connect with us in Breathe Alchemy: The Journey


welcome beautiful!

I'm Tracy Neely!

As the creator and founder of Mindset Alchemy®, a company that supports and guides womxn entrepreneurs through the process of healing their emotional, mental, and spiritual health, I am so excited you stumbled upon this magical space. 

As an Intuitive Healer, Seer, Energy Priestess and Certified Life Coach, my soul purpose came to me in a dream many years ago and today I am living that dream out loud by supporting and guiding womxn through the process of being more of who they are so they connect with their inner glow illuminating from their soul. A remembrance of self in all forms is a beautiful way to embrace all the parts of who we are.

Breathe Alchemy: The Journey
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