As we move deeper into Libra season, we move deeper into the awe of our inner beauty (thank you Venus), with the journey of loving all aspects of ourselves.

What does it even mean ‘being our most aligned self?’

⫸︎︎Imagine what it looks and feels like to trust the decisions you make from an empowered state of being from your higher self.

⫸︎︎Imagine that no matter the environment you’re in, you are grounded in your presence and essence and show up with confidence so you no longer have to pretend everything is fine. When you are free to be yourself, there is quiet confidence you exude.

⫸︎︎Imagine what it would be like to show up powerfully expressing yourself and illuminating your most gorgeous light in a way that feels empowering and aligned to your highest self of wisdom.

⫸︎︎Imagine that you feel fully in your divine power in a way that expands your inner brilliance that others can feel and because you have nothing to prove to anyone, you share your heart and soul and wisdom in a way that is potent and magical.

⫸︎︎Imagine that you care and nourish yourself (body, mind and soul) in such beautiful ways and it is reflected through your beautiful soul work.

One of the things I hear womxn say frequently is the fear that they are not living the life they thought they would. First, let’s normalize that we ALL go through things. And as we go through things, we can evolve into growing through them so that we transform and live in a way that brings more ease and flow to our lives.

There are two questions that we can ask ourselves as we become more of our most aligned selves:

Who am I? – This question is an inquiry of the heart. It’s a journey of healing the aspects of ourselves that we ignore. What we resist, persists.

Healing can be a cosmic experience. A space where we begin to understand how we are naturally designed to live and express our beautiful wisdom in the world.

*** Perhaps sit with this question and give yourself the time (patience) to notice what comes up when you ask, ‘who am I.’

What do I want? – This is a question we can come back to time and time again. Because as we evolve, so do our desires.

Everything in Evolution of Self is rooted in energy, beauty and love and is the foundation of our body, mind and soul.

Energy – to be ever present to…
Beauty – to be in awe of…
Love – to choose/practice and recommit to…

I believe healing and transformation are a cosmic experience of evolving into a most aligned version of ourselves. A beautiful evolution of self-mastery.

In what area(s) of your life are you desiring to evolve? 

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