Become your biggest cheerleader…

Hello Beautiful,
Throughout your days of creating what you desire for your life and your business, do you find yourself subconsciously hanging on the praise you receive from people?

Last week a client shared with me the powerful transformation she was already feeling and we had only gone through a couple of coaching sessions together. My ego was excited to hear this. But, I stepped back and realized that I was allowing my ego to dictate my happiness. I really appreciate when a client feels empowered to see her own strength and to see what she has done to transform her own life, but honestly staying detached from the outcome had been a journey for me. Somewhere, life had taught me that getting praise from others was how I validated my worth. It wasn’t until I really worked on my thoughts, feelings, emotions, value and worth through deep mindset work did my way of being change.

Whether it be a FB post that you write that you feel is incredible, but don’t receive comments on or the incredible newsletter that you wrote and feel is some of your best work that no one opens, continue to see how incredible you are. When you get clear on how you want to feel about yourself, you care less what people think about you because it is none of your business.

In those times when doubt appears and you ask yourself if you have what it takes to be successful, become your biggest cheerleader. Become Your Biggest CheerleaderPraise yourself and celebrate every step you are taking that is leading you closer to what you desire. Even if no one is celebrating you and how incredible you are being in making your desires a reality, you celebrate you.

The more you feel gratitude for yourself for who and what you are becoming in your life and business, the less you will hang onto validation from others. Gratitude is the highest vibration we can feel.

Today when you accomplish something, experience something or step more into action, celebrate yourself and when you start to feel yourself waiting for someone else to notice, say to yourself, “I am so proud of who I am becoming” or “I am celebrating everything I am creating because it is leading me up the path to my desires”

If you are ready to detach from the outcome of what others think of you and you desire to feel worthy of receiving everything you are destined to receive in your life and business, I would love to connect with you.

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Much love,

​P.S. Become your biggest advocate and watch the universe create everything you desire to become and experience in your life and business. It’s no accident that you are reading this post today.

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