Welcome Divine Sovereign Being!

As you awaken to the divine energy within you, you shine a light on your shadow, your gifts and your soul path.

You are in the right place to shift from the wounding you experience into the emerging of your soul’s purpose.

The space between your wounds and your desires is your healing.

Before you came into this world, your soul had a destiny. Your soul’s destiny knew what you came into this world to be long before your mind had a chance to make sense of it. And healing your core wounds will open you up to the energy of experiencing your desires and creating the life you desire.

Your subconscious mind is like a record keeper. Keeping track of every experience, no matter how long ago it was.  It stores every belief and every story. Even the story’s and belief from when you were a child. But this isn’t about blaming your parents or care givers. Your mind has the best intentions and those intentions are to keep you safe. Even if that safety is costing you living the life you desire and the life you always dreamed of.

The work I’ve done with clients over the last decade, supporting them through their healing, took on a new meaning for me back in 2014 when I went through what is called “a dark night of the soul.” It was definitely a dark time for me, but that lead me on the journey of calling myself back to myself. Healing a wound that followed me throughout my entire life.

I believe that many of our wounds have been with us since we were children. As we move throughout our lives, these wounds affect our relationships, our health, how we see ourselves, and takes us further away from our soul’s purpose.

Your soul emerged at the beginning of time and lived in the celestial realm until you came into this world. From the moment that you were conceived you were attached to your soul’s essence (energy and vibration).

But somewhere along the way, perhaps you have felt distant from yourself. It’s like feeling disconnected from yourself and not knowing how to connect back with yourself. Feeling like you have been searching for something that would fill that void.

I’ve been there and so have the womxn I work with and what has made the difference in our lives has been:

People in our lives that have supported us and our dreams through coaching and therapy.

Meditations and prayers that have allowed us to connect with our Higher Self, the Divine, God, the Universe, Archangels, Helping Spirits and whomever we pray to.

Energy Healing so that any resistance our body and mind were holding onto could be released so that we could begin the process of healing beliefs, emotions, thoughts, patterns and habits that kept us from living our best life.

 Ancient healing tools to support our mind, body and spirit in the healing process.

Intuitive knowing so that we could get out of our own way and begin the process of allowing an ascension to take place so that our soul’s essence would emerge.

This is why I created Ascension Emergence Immersion, a six month one-on-one private coaching and healing program. A full immersion into your heart, soul and mind to support you in ascending from the depths of your shadow so that you heal traumas, break free from limiting beliefs, patterns and habits that are self-destructive, reduce stress that is wreaking havoc on your mind, and body, and learn practices that will support you in connecting back to your soul essence – your true north.




Hello and Welcome! My name is Tracy and once upon a time, I put all of my attention into what my mind was telling me. I tried my best to make sense of everything and the majority of the time, I questioned everything and struggled to make sense of my life and my purpose.  There were moments when I questioned my worth and my value. On the surface things looked great, but underneath it all, I wondered was I making a difference in the world. 

Truth be told, I felt like there was something under the surface holding me back, but I coudn’t put my finger on it. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt that there is so much more you desire to experience in your life, if only you knew how to get out of your own way? 

It wasn’t until I could no longer put on a good face and pretend everything was great! I had know idea what my soul was sharing with me because there were so many layers of guilt, shame, blame, anger and fear. 

But when I was introduced to energy healing, Shamanic practices, private coaching with a mentor, meditation, crystal healing and chakra medicine, everything in my life transformed. I felt like I could breathe and I felt myself feeling more confident and I started to live my purpose.


I believe every womxn carries deep inside her an inner-knowing for what she has been called into this lifetime to be and to do that connects and aligns with her soul.

I invite you on a journey of awakening and ascending from the depths of your shadow and emerging with your soul.


Tracy was able to tap into my energy and intuitively know what I needed for my growth and transformational. Tracy has helped me to see and release blocks that have kept me from creating the life I desire. By working with Tracy I recognize I am worthy, I am enough, I am a leader and it’s ok for my light to shine brightly.

If you are feeling stuck and if you are spinning your wheels I highly recommend you invest in working with Tracy.
~ Cassandra Herbert – Holistic Nurse Consultant and Chakra Harmony Specialist

Before I started working with Tracy, I was unfocused and not clear about the direction I wanted to go in my life. I was feeling very anxious about moving to a new home and letting go of the past. 

I heard a podcast Tracy was on and liked her energy. It was the way she spoke so positively and hopefully. 

Working with Tracy has showed me how to truly believe in myself and in doing that, I uncovered who I truly am and embrace and love that person. 

Letting go of my past home life and starting a new one was a  big task to handle, but Tracy gave specific manageable tasks to help me achieve that. 

Tracy is extremely intuitive and in my most anxious moments would check in with me and guide me back to a place of calm and clarity.

I’ve packed up my house after 17 years of living there and found a new home and getting very excited about my new life. I’ve also re-done my CV and put myself out there on the job market and have started a new job which I love and is flexible and allows me to build my own business
~ Tara Khan

Tracy is such a kind soul, and it was a pleasure to connect with her. My work with her came to me in perfect timing, as I was recovering from an emergency surgery, moved in to a new house, and dealing with a challenging soulmate relationship “seperation.”

This work was so comforting to my soul, as it offered me complete relaxation, peace, healing, and validation from my spiritual entourage that all is well as I continue to walk my journey towards enlightenment. Everything about our work together was magical, and very sacred to my spirit. I am forever grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime. ~Aurora Dowdy

Ascension Emergence Immersion is a fusion of Intuitive Coaching, Energy Healing, Psychic Guidance, Meditations, Journeys, Rituals, Tools and Practices to support your Ascension.

Six Month Ascension Emergence Immersion Includes:

  • One (1) Forty Five Minute Intuitive Coaching and Healing Session Bi-Weekly Via Zoom or Phone (12 sessions)
  • Accountability and Support through your private Ascension Emergence Immersion private Facebook page. This is where you will receive support between your sessions.
  • One Private Intuitive Vision Session (60 minutes) to get clear on your dreams and desires.
  • Energy Healing techniques and practices throughout our work together to heal and transform your life.
  • Rituals and tools to assist you in creating new habits and patterns that are aligned with your dreams and desires.
  • Soul Aligned Meditations and Journeys so you experience quieting of the mind, emerging of the soul and your soul’s purpose.
  • Psychic guidance to support you in allowing your soul to speak with you through developing your intuition.

Schedule a free Intuitive Clarity Call today so that we gain clarity on goals, dreams and desires.

Intuitive Coaching

I believe as a divine sovereign human being, you have the power within you to make decisions to seek support if you desire to experience something new in your life that brings you joy, love and happiness.

Having said that, I don’t believe that you are meant to go it alone in figuring out how to live your best life.

I’ve been coaching for over a decade and I can tell you from my experience in working with clients is that many times we are too close to our own stuff to change our reality. That is where intuitive coaching comes into play.

There are many forms of coaching that can support someone in creating new beliefs and thoughts that align with their desires. However, when I coach my clients, there is another component that I believe is crucial in shifting their mindset, create new beliefs and creating new habits – bringing in my psychic guidance to see what is under the surface and at the root cause of my clients emotional, mental and physical challenges is a process that takes coaching to a higher level. 

During intuitive coaching sessions with clients, I utilize energy healing, rituals and tools to support my clients in healing deeper traumas, beliefs, fears, and emotional challenges.

Energy Healing

Energy known as prana, chi, ki, and life force energy is a healing practice that takes place in the mind, body and soul. Everything is energy and energy is everything! Including me and you.

Throughout time, ancient healing practices  were similar in nature. To heal the body, meant you were healing the mind and the soul. Spiritual Healing as it was known over 5000 years ago were practiced in Africa, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and the Orient, where it was practiced in their temples of worship. Early medical practitioners believed that when the body was out of balance, energy was blocked in the body and people became ill. In ancient times, people were attuned to nature, spirituality and their psychic abilities.  Thousands of years before ancient healing techniques took place in Egypt, mystical healings were taking place in Atlantis. Ancient mystery and healing began in Atlantis. Mystery schools and healing centers were where people were taught the mysteries and secrets of life. 

In today’s modern world, people are awakening to higher consciousness, their spirituality and their purpose in this lifetime. All over the world, healers and teachers are bringing these ancient healing practices into the modern world by infusing them into their services, programs and teachings.

Energy healing is a subtle practice of releasing and clearing energy blocks in the physical, mental and emotional body. Energy healing can identify emotions in the body and mind that are creating stress, anger, guilt, fear and many other emotional  and physical challenges and can free the person from the emotional challenges through the clearing in the physical, emotional and mental body.

Meditations and Journeys

In its simplest form, meditation is the practice of stillness while bringing your awareness to your breath.

There are many forms of meditation and depending on how to best support my client, I will share a specific meditation with them based on their needs. Meditation which was created and developed in Eastern cultures has the capacity to have a profound affect on your life. 

Meditation can be very beneficial in times of fear, anger, guilt, shame, toxic relationships, joy, love, abundance, sacred union with ourselves,  and a multitude of other emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, patterns, habits. So much of our lives are spent turning outward and searching for experiences outside of ourselves, and while there are times when this may true, meditation provides a way for us to look inward and bring awareness to what may be ready to be healed and transformed. 

Journeying is an advance practice where I guide my clients through a deep meditation into their inner or spirit self so they retrieve information that will support them.

You are guided to journey into your inner-world you have the ability to communicate with your unseen and seen worlds and receive information that your conscious mind may not be able to retrieve.

Rituals and Tools 

 Rituals are actions performed in a specific manner with an intention in mind.

Rituals can be carried out with a specific goal of achieving or experiencing a certain outcome. A ritual can also be geared toward a specific event such as a New Moon  ceremony, or writing an affirmation and lighting a candle and focusing your attention and intention on that affirmation for 7 days.

A ritual can be as simple as you waking up in the morning and spending a few moments connecting with your breath so that you start your day in gratitude vs. starting your day in fear. 

There are many tools that I use to support my clients in shifting their mindset, clearing their energy and transforming their lives.

Many are ancient tools that have been around for thousands of years and are still just as potent today. They include crystals, essential oils, herbs, healing elixirs, drums, pendulums, Palo Santo, Sage, rattles, chimes, and singing bowls.

Choosing tools that you resonate with and bringing them into your daily life can support your energy body, mental body, spiritual body and soul body to come into alignment. 


Welcome to Ascension Emergence Immersion! I’m really happy you are here.

I’ve spent over a decade supporting and mentoring womxn through energy practices that heal, intuitive coaching that shifts the mindset, and psychic guidance for clarity.

Throughout my life, I’ve been guided to hold space for womxn as they awaken the healer within them, uncover their soul’s purpose, connect with their divine gifts and abilities and experience sovereignty and deepen your intuitive knowing.

My work as an Intuitive Healer, Certified Life Coach, Soul Priestess, Seer, and Medicine Woman is what excites me for the journey that you and I are going to embark on.