As we navigate our everyday life, there are times when life can feel intense.   

There’s a moment when you need a pause so that you can reset your energy, your emotions, and your mindset. 

That is where a Mindset Alchemy® Session can support your emotional, physical, mental and soul body.

Holding space for you to bring ALL of yourself into a session can reveal what is ready to be healed and transformed.

Mindset Alchemy® Session

  • One (1) Sixty Minute Private Session on Zoom
  • MP3 Recording
  • Healing tools to support your Mindset Alchemy® Session
  • Investment: $297.00 USD

Energy goes beyond us having the strength to do things daily. Our emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs create an internal landscape that creates what we are experiencing right now.

Emotions are energy in motion and these emotions get stuck in our body with no where to go. 

Energy healing can move through waves of emotions that you are feeling right now that are waiting to be released so that you begin to heal.

A Mindset Alchemy® Session is a combination of Energy Healing, Mindset Coaching & Intuitive Vision Work

A Mindset Alchemy® Session is for you if you are ready to:

✣ Trust the inner-knowing that directs your path

✣ Heal beliefs and thoughts that subconsciously sabotage your life. 

✣ Release limiting beliefs so you feel a renewed energy within yourself

✣ Experience a new way of feeling your worth

✣ Implement new habits that support you and the vision you have for your life.

✣ Find your voice and speak your truth

✣ Discover parts of yourself where your light, your essence and your brilliance have been hiding

Mindset work will go deep within your subconscious mind where beliefs, thoughts, and habits are stored. Your subconscious mind is like a gigantic memory bank that stores memories that can run your life. Things that haven’t been healed will come up at the most inconvenient moments. The more you reveal what is lurking deep within your mind, the more you can heal.


I invite you to come to your Mindset Alchemy® Session with an open heart and mind so that you feel a difference in how you are showing up in your life and in the lives of others. 

A few people share their experience of our work together.

I knew I needed to penetrate through some blockages that were keeping me from moving forward. I saw Tracy on social media in a video and a voice inside me said stop and listen. I reached out to her to learn about her services.

Through the deep soul work with Tracy, I learned that I am enough. That I have gifts to share. I can own who I am and still want to try new things and discover all about me. Tracy is an absolute Light!  I felt totally safe to share my feelings and thoughts or cry with Tracy.  She held a safe space for me to share things that I could not share since my mother’s transition.  I thank Tracy so much for that! ~ Errica Taver Gray

I was recovering from emergency surgery, moved into a new house, and was dealing with a challenging soulmate relationship “separation.”

Working with Tracy was so comforting to my soul, as it offered me complete relaxation, peace, healing, and validation from my spiritual entourage that all is well as I continue to walk my journey towards enlightenment.

Everything about our work together was magical and very sacred to my spirit. I am forever grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime.
~ Aurora Dowdy

Before working with Tracy I found myself closed from the possibilities of my success in ways I didn’t even know were showing up. Working with Tracy, gave me the clarity that I needed around a major decision in my business. A decision that gave me permission to step into what I truly desired.

As someone who is very spiritually in-tuned; it was important for me to find a coach who not only had the business acumen and experience but also the connection to source energy. When I first had my consultation with Tracy there was no denying that she was gifted, led and merely light personified and to have that energy and guidance see its way into our session was impactful not only to my business but to my life. ~ Maya Drummond

This is for you if…

You feel that support will have a profound effect on every aspect of your business

You are ready to learn from an expert on new ways of healing and transforming your life and business

You are open to unconventional ways of healing your energy and mindset

You believe that working on your energy and mindset will elevate your business

This is not for you if…

Talking about energy work seems too spiritual for you

Staying stuck is more comfortable for you than transforming your business.

You have a challenging time committing to your life feeling better

You feel that you’ve done the work and don’t feel that your life can change


Mindset Alchemy® Session

  • One (1) Sixty Minute Private Session on Zoom
  • MP3 Recording
  • Healing tools to support your Mindset Alchemy® Session
  • Investment: $297.00 USD

I’m Tracy Neely, founder and creator of Mindset Alchemy®. I’m an Intuitive Healer, Soul Priestess and Certified Life Coach and Mentor for womxn who are ready to heal their whole SELF.

One of my gifts is helping YOU uncover what is lurking below the surface that is getting in the way of you feeling more ease and less stress. 

Everything is energy and my soul work is to teach YOU how to heal yourself, shift your energy, raise your vibration, and amplify the energy of abundance so you experience living a beautifully elevated life. 

My work is centered around you healing yourself so that you show up as the fullest expression of yourself. 

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