Divine Woman, I can see that you have big ideas, dreams, and desires.

You crave a deeper, more magickal version of life – one that INSPIRES you.

This is your time to awaken to what your soul is calling out to you. A time to Re-member and Un-cover your gifts.

Together we can remove what stands in your way – that internal struggle and heaviness you feel from the emotional challenges you’re experiencing.

As an Intuitive Healer and Soul Priestess, I can feel the intense desire you have to get rid of the feelings of fear, worry, unworthiness, emotional pain, uncertainty, and emptiness.

I can feel a deep desire inside of you which is a remembrance of your essence, your gifts, and your soul purpose.

But it’s buried deep within you, it’s as if your life is a mystery to you. Or at least how to create the life you desire feels like a mystery.

I know what it feels like to have the feeling that you’ve come into this world with big ideas, dreams, and desires, but life is showing you a different vision than the one you want for your life.

This was my story after transforming my physical and emotional body after feeling trapped in my thoughts and emotions for so long. When alchemy set in, my energy and vibration shifted in such a powerful way and I know the same thing can happen for you.

We will transform these lower vibrational patterns into higher vibrational patterns so that you will attract what you desire from a place of joy, abundance, and love.

Everything in your life is made up of energy, vibrations, and frequency, including your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

It is my gift to support a woman in becoming more conscious – to remember her divine essence, gifts, and soul purpose.

To support her to come home to her truest self.

I see you and feel so much compassion for the things you are experiencing.

Your emotions are like layers of energy that send out vibrations that attract the same energy back into your life.

I sense that if you are reading this, then you desire to attract something different into your life than what you are experiencing right now.

If you are a woman who resonates with energy healing, alchemy, magick and transformation, you will love the energetic, mystical, soulful, sacred work I do.

One on One Coaching