Ready To Illuminate Your
Authentic Expression?

You are a coach, healer, guide or illuminated entrepreneur ready to embody your authentic expression so you illuminate your inner-brilliance in your business.

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I'm Tracy, Seer, Healer, Life Coach, & Human Design Guide

Deeply seeing your gifts and feeling the vibration you illuminate in your business is as your internal guide leads you on your journey of self-mastery is a beautiful thing! 

Each of us has an internal guiding system that shows us our true nature, however when we experience resistance, we start doubting and feel less connected to our true nature. Evolution is certain, doubting ourselves and staying stuck in your business doesn’t have to be. When we are deeply nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we have a unique perspective that is expressed through our soul work. 

In the next evolution of your business, there is a paradigm shift in how you do business. There’s an internal direction that you move into if you desire to elevate your business. It’s a shift in mastering your inner-world first so you expand and amplify the energy of your business and make a greater impact. This is what activates your magnetism. 

There’s an evolutionary shift bringing you into alignment with your fully expressed self.

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Healing Can Be A Cosmic Experience

You know that feeling when you feel that you are meant for something greater in your life, but something is getting in the way? It can be frustrating because you know that you are here to share your heart and soul through your magic, your light and your purpose, but an invisible energy is standing between you and your desires.

That was my life for so long and then one day I was done with the beliefs that held me back from being in service the way my soul desired to express. You ever felt like that? There are high’s and low’s in life, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay stuck in our beliefs and life experiences. This is your time to unapologetically illuminate the beautiful expression of your soul through your business. Your time to illuminate your unique expression. 

Evolve Mentorship

Illuminate your Inner-Brilliance in your business as you evolve and elevate into the next level of your business.

EVOLVE is a 1:1 high level mastery mentorship for heart centered coaches, healers and women on a mission to impact lives with their Soul work. 

Soul Alchemy-2
Soul Alchemy

Transformation is the destination, healing and clarity is the journey.

Soul Alchemy Session is an experience of building a bridge between your Soul, the Stars and your Purpose.

Intuitive Clarity Call
Intuitive Clarity Call

Experience clarity on your next steps as you impact lives with your Soul work.

 When the light bulb goes off and you experience clarity on your next steps, you begin to trust your inner-knowing. Schedule your Intuitive Clarity Call today.

Illuminating Your Light And Being Of Service Is A Beautiful Thing! Let's Connect!


Are you ready to evolve and expand into the highest vibration of your unique expression?


Are you ready to unapologetically show up powerfully for yourself and your business?


If YES, schedule your Intuitive Clarity Call today to get clear on your next steps.

Kind Words From Clients.


Welcome Beauty! I’m Tracy!  I’m so grateful you are here. I’m a Seer and Healer by nature and trained in several modalities of healing our whole self – body, mind and soul. The work I do as a transformational guide is done through the lens of Energy Healing, Human Design, Breathwork, Astrology and Life Coaching. I believe we are all worthy of receiving support and taking up space so that we experience what it means to express our authentic nature and live an abundant life.