Welcome Beautiful Soul!

I’m Tracy, Here To Spark Your Next Evolution In Your Business

We all experience resistance at one point in our business. Evolution is certain, staying stuck in your business doesn’t have to be.

In the next evolution of your business, you will elevate into the remembrance of your radiant self so that you illuminate your soul work out into the world as an expression of your soul.

My prayer for you is that you show up in your business owning your inner-brilliance and illuminating your gifts and divine wisdom out into the world.

You know that feeling when you feel that you are meant for something greater in your life, but something is getting in the way? It can be frustrating because you know that you are here to share your heart and soul through your magic, your light and your purpose, but an invisible energy is standing between you and your desires. 

That was my life for so long and then one day I was over the struggle. You ever felt like that? There are high’s and low’s in life, but it definitely doesn’t have to be a life of struggle. It is time we evolve every aspect of our life. You feel me! 

EVOLVE is a 1:1 mentorship to elevate and amplify the wisdom of your soul work by evolving every aspect of your body, mind and soul through a six month journey. 

Breathe Alchemy is a ninety minute breathwork session to quiet your mind, drop into your body, heal your heart and activate your soul expression. 

Soul Luminance Immersion is a four session immersive healing journey to deepen into your inner-wisdom, clear any resistance to how you are living your soul expression and creating momentum in your life.