As a guide, I’m here to support you through your self- healing and begin the journey of remembering the inner-beauty, self-love and soul wisdom that moves through your energy body so that you illuminate your inner glow and experience a deeper connection with your inner brilliance. Your inner brilliance is your light, your wisdom and your spiritual gifts. 


Hiding your light is costing you time, money and soul currency! Allow of you to show up in your divine brilliance.


This immersive experience was created for you to make peace with your shadow, soothe your inner-self and illuminate your light.


Illuminate what no longer is serving your highest good so that you experience your inner transformation. 

Welcome to Mindset Alchemy!

Tracy is the creator and founder of Mindset Alchemy®. A company that supports and guides womxn entrepreneurs through the process of healing their emotional, mental, and spiritual health so they experience a deep transformation from the inside out through her private mentoring and coaching programs Elevate Alchemy, Soul Luminance and Breathe Alchemy. 

As an Intuitive Healer, Seer, Priestess and Certified Life Coach, Tracy’s soul purpose is to guide womxn through the process of illuminating their inner brilliance and impacting lives through their life purpose and energetic presence.  

Tracy’s work is centered around how we alchemize our energetic wounds into our soul’s wisdom so that we show up as the fullest expression of our self and illuminate our brilliance. 

Before working with Tracy I was dealing with life events that had numbed me to a point that I was just floating through my life.  Just numb and on the edge. 

I experienced clarity in how I wanted to conduct my business…(not the made-up story that had me playing small) I also began the grief process.  

Tracy lives her truth and willingly shares her gifts in such a way that you forget you are in a ‘session’.  There is no pretense.  No judgment.  If you are willing to do the work the results will come.  ~ Namura Nkeze – Transition Coach

During our work together, not only did we work on my energy and my mindset, we worked on my business.

Tracy has the ability to sense what lights up your soul and made suggestions on my message and brand so that they appeared consistent with my vision and were clear on my website, and social media. 

If you are feeling stuck and unclear and if you are spinning your wheels on ways to elevate your business, I highly recommend you invest in working with Tracy. ~ Cassandra Herbert  – MS, APRN/PMH-BC,ANH-BC, Holistic Nurse Psychotherapist

So I was going through the motions but not making deep connections as I wasn’t connecting to myself. 

Tracy was able to connect me to some deep hidden emotions that I was doing my best to avoid and ignore, not seeing that these deep wounds were the seat of my power. 

After working with Tracy, the right people started coming into my life that would further deepen this connection and now the work that I’m creating and the content that I’m creating

Is so much richer emotionally and has the ability to engage from this authentically deep place. ~ Leslie Tagorda – Creator of the AstroBrand™ Method

Whatever I am going through or whatever self-limiting beliefs that Tracy is helping me shift through or whatever past traumas, I can feel them.

It’s like a road map. And Tracy is clearing the way and helping bring insight.

I can in feel and “see” in real time the shifts happening – the letting go of things that I’ve been holding onto whether in my body or in my mind and feeling into the motions the release. 

Tracy is so in-tune to exactly what I need, how to communicate it to me and I receive so much healing and intuitive guidance. ~ Dena Totaro – Intuitive Healer | Reiki Master
Yoga & Meditation Instructor 
The Crystal Medium™

In short, I was stuck. I felt ready for the next depth in many areas of my life, particularly in my creativity, but came up against a block every time I tried to access it on my own. 

 I knew after just a few minutes of talking with Tracy that she was the guide I had been seeking for the past six months. 

I felt deeply seen, held, and validated by Tracy, all of which I had never felt to that degree outside of my partner. The safety that Tracy established allowed us to access buried memories and trauma that were inhibiting me from reaching the next depth in my life. ~ Angelina Burkholder

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